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I feel really sorry for Bristol Palin

This blog isn’t about politics.

But I think you should go read this post by Maureen Johnson anyway:

Brisol Palin, for those of you who have managed to avoid all forms of media for the last 48 hours, is the daughter of Republican Vice Presidential nominee Sarah Palin. Bristol is seventeen years old and five months pregnant, and she has the extreme misfortune to be in the middle of a contentious presidential race.

This makes me so queasy, I find it hard to type.

A lot of people are saying, “Isn’t that wonderful! What a nice family to support her!” I’d bet my Abba collection that most of you saying that are probably pretty nice people, who do a lot to support others. But I respectfully disagree. I think this situation is nuts. I don’t think she’s getting support at all, and this is one of the most messed up messages I have ever seen put across.

It had to be pretty tough already to be the Republican VP nominee’s kid. Throw in a pregnancy at 17 and there’s just no good way out of this mess.