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Alison Kent: Larger Than Life

I recently won an ARC from Alison for Larger Than Life–yes, I know it was published June last year, but it seems she only found them recently.

It’s a pretty good book. Alison tied everything up together pretty neatly, including the peripheral threads. It is NOT the first book in the series, that would be The Bane Affair. I don’t think it’s necessary to read the preceding 5 books first though.

She also sent me the gorgeous cover flat for Deep Breath, her current release and the book that comes after Larger Than Life. I’ll pick up The Bane Affair first though. She also writes for Blaze and is the author for the upcoming–sometime soon the writer in me hopes–Idiot’s Guide to Writing Erotic Romance.

Whilst I’m talking about Alison, she’s running a contest on her blog. All you need to do is give her feedback on her upcoming website redesign to be entered in a drawing for Deep Breath. Contest ends on Friday.


Jill Shalvis: Seeing Red (January TBR Challenge)

Published May 2005, and I got it from Revision 14 as a contest prize, signed by Jill herself.

The cover doesn’t really stand out from the current contemp or Romantic suspense covers. The art department did sort of take into consideration the title, though, since the title words are in red.

I enjoyed this book. It’s solid and well-written, but it just doesn’t stand out. Worth a read, but not worth space on your shelf. I’d honestly suggest getting it from a library if you want to read it.

What niggles at my mind is a plot point. So SPOILER AHEAD:

If Bill is a known gambler, why didn’t Joe or Kenny check up on him when it was found out that money has been going missing from the till?


This is the first full Shalvis novel I’ve read, and I’m not going to go glom her backlist. I didn’t enjoy Seeing Red enough to put in all that effort.

This is part of AngieW’s January TBR Challenge.