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So Many Drollerie Press Releases…which one is the lucky winner getting?

You’re probably wondering, am I the lucky winner? Because I’m Evil, I’m not going to tell you yet–okay, okay, it’s my fault. I blew it and forgot to draw a winner yesterday. But I’m going to make you wait anyway.

Oh, and if you want to buy it, clicking on the cover will get you to the right page. 😉

Both of these are by Cindy Lynn Speer, and aren’t they just lovely? Especially the second one. I’m definitely getting A Necklace of Rubies but haven’t decided on the other one.

Everything else (at least, I think I’ve all the titles) is below the cut.

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Extracting Your Alibi by Annie Dean

Contest deets at the end of the post.

Addie Alger is stuck with her ex-husband’s credit card debts and a failing bed and breakfast in the middle of nowhere. Her brother-in-law, who refuses to wear pants, won’t move out of room 107, even though her sister died four years ago, and her father is constantly `inventing’ stuff that will, this time for sure, make him the next Ron Popeil.

Deciding all men are jerks, she conceives a brilliant solution to her money woes: For an outlandish fee, she will confirm (although not in a court of law) that a client was, in fact, staying at her bed and breakfast instead of shtupping someone in Atlantic City. Keeping her identity secret becomes increasingly difficult, however, and she learns more than she really wanted to about her friends and neighbors.

Just as she’s ready to swear there are no honest men left in the world, enter Sean Duncan, enraged husband and small-time reporter, whose (soon-to-be-ex) wife utilized Addie’s service more than once. Things are about to get complicated.

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Taming Eliza Jane…an Excerpt!

Taming Eliza JaneWhen a man sets out to tame a strong-willed woman, he’d best hang on to his hat.

Will Martinson, the town doctor, already has a heap of troubles on his plate, what with a pregnant whore, an ailing friend and a sheriff with a bad habit of shooting people. The last thing he needs is a strong hankering for a woman who think it’s her duty to turn a man’s life upside-down.

Eliza Jane Carter is a woman on a mission. She’s going to improve the lives of the women in Gardiner, Texas before moving on to the next town. But when her finances take a turn for the worse and her chaperone heads for the hills, Eliza Jane is stranded in a town full of riled up menfolk, a gun-happy sheriff and one handsome doctor who makes her question everything she ever believed about the love between a man and a woman.

I really liked this book, as you already know. So you know you want to win a copy! And the good news is that the sequel, Becoming Miss Becky, will be out next year!

Deets for the contest: Comment here or on any of the Shannon Stacey posts to be entered into two drawings, one for an e-copy of this great book, and another for a print copy of Adrenaline. The drawing will be on Saturday, and the first person to respond to my email about their win will get their choice of books.

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Hitch A Ride on the Demon LURVE Train

Such a wonderful book.

By the way, Meljean? Scroll down to the second last line. 😉

lurve train animationDear People Magazine,

Why oh why hasn’t Colin Ames-Beaumont graced your cover?

After all, he is the most beautiful man in the world. You could never make a movie about him because there is no actor who has bears even shades of Colin’s beauty, so who would star as him?

Some are going to say that Colin’s not a man. He’s a vampire, and that’s certainly true.

Which is why you have to change your “World’s Most Beautiful People” to “World’s Most Beautiful Creatures,” so that Colin can have his rightful place on the list.

So he cannot be photographed. That’s okay. He’s an artist, and a marvellous one too. He can draw or paint a self-portrait, and you can use that for your cover. You wouldn’t even have to worry about Colin exaggerating his beauty because he cannot possibly be more beautiful.

It’s guaranteed that you’ll sell tons and tons of copies because we will buy them so we can sigh over this vision of sheer perfection.

And there you go: People Magazine’s future survival is guaranteed so long as you keep printing covers with Colin on them.

As for what I get out of this? I have a world full of women with whom to sigh over Colin’s beauty. 😉

Sincerely, May on behalf of Meljean Brook 😉

Living and Undead Readers for Vampire Equality

Join the L.U.R.V.E. Train – Because vampires are beautiful bee-yootiful people, too.

(Want to join the L.U.R.V.E. Train? Nominate your own vampire, win books and Amazon gift certificates? Climb aboard here–and read Meljean’s letter!)


Alliteratively Yours: Bigtime!

As we all know, I’ve adore alliteration, for reasons beyond even my comprehension.

For this reason, Bigtime is a reason for me to celebrate, as it is clear that Jennifer Estep understands how wonderful alliteration is.

We have the likes of:

Bella Bulluci, who sounds like the designer of my dreams: subtle colors, clean lines, and simple designs

Berkley Brighton, the whiskey billionaire. Hmm.. Does he introduce himself as“Berkley Brighton, billionaire” or is that too much alliteration?

Kyle Quicke, owner of Quicke’s. Is he Quicke in, Quicke out? Or should it be Kwicke in, Kwicke out?

Then we have the villains: The Terrible Triad, consisting of Malefica, Frost, and Scorpion.

And of course, we must not forget the superheroes, The Fearless Five!!!

There’s Stryker who has won several Sexiest Superhero of the Year contests without EVEN entering, Mr. Sage who is really is a sage, the mysteriously mysterious Hermit, a rather impulsive Tornado (don’t know about you but this worries me) and of course Fiera.

Better known as Fiona Fine, she’s also the star of Hot Mama. Hot Mama by Jennifer Estep

She can melt steel and men’s hearts …

By day, Fiona Fine is a successful couture designer, catering to the high society players of Bigtime, New York. By night, she’s Fiera, a superstrong superhero who can create and manipulate fire with her bare hands. Fiera, along with the other members of the heroic Fearless Five, make life miserable for the ubervillains who want to take over the city.

But Fiona’s personal life isn’t so fine. She still misses her fiancé, who was killed by ubervillains a year ago. But men admire Fiona’s smoking assets, and she decides to get back in the dating game especially after she meets Johnny Bulluci. But this notorious playboy has plenty of secrets to go along with his sexy smile. And, with two new ubervillains in town who are intent on raising hell, Fiona’s love life might just crash and burn …

Check out the first chapter and remember, it releases in November this year!

Note: All characters/places mentioned above are copyrighted to Jennifer Estep.


Excerpting Karma Girl

Karma Girl

I haven’t read this, but it looks like so much fun!

Someone has to pay for what happened to Carmen Cole …

Bigtime, New York is not big enough for both Carmen Cole and the superheroes and ubervillains who walk its streets. An intrepid reporter, Carmen’s dedicated her life to unmasking the spandex wearers, all because her fiancé turned out to be a superhero, and a cheating one at that — sleeping with none other than his nubile nemesis.

Exposing the true identities of the nation’s caped crusaders and their archenemies has catapulted Carmen from her sleep southern hometown to the front pages of one of the country’s biggest newspapers, The Exposé. Hobnobbing with modelizing millionaires and famished fashionistas is all in a day’s work for the woman hot on the trail of the Fearless Five and Terrible Triad. But when Carmen gets the scoop of her career, her life comes crashing down around her. And even Bigtime’s sexiest superhero, Striker, may not be able to save her …

Exclusive excerpt below. 😉

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