October 10th: Amy Garvey, Author and Executive Editor of Drollerie Press

October 30th: JEZEBEL

November 1st: Melissa de la Cruz

November 10th: Jeaniene Frost

November 20th: Jenna Black

December 1st: Sylvia Kelso

December 10th: Deborah Grabien

January 10th: Diana Pharaoh Francis

February 20th: Ann Aguirre

March 1st: Mark Henry

March 5th: Linda Wisdom

March 9th: Caitlin Kittredge

April 1st: Stacia Kane

April 4th: Raine Weaver

May 1st: Alan Campbell

May 12th: CE Murphy

May 27th: Jes Battis

June 2nd: Shiloh Walker

June 9th: Marie Brennan

June 23rd: Larissa Ione

July 1st: Marjorie M. Liu

July 5th: Justine Musk

July: Charlene Teglia

October 1st: Maggie Stiefvater

October 10th: Kate Rothwell

October 23rd: Angelle Trieste

November 4th: Meljean Brook

November 11th: Jordan Summers

December 2nd: Lauren Dane


January 6th: Jackie Kessler

January 12th: Megan Hart

April: Michelle Rowen



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