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If You Don’t Like My Opinion…

Too fucking bad. Read another blog or something.

I don’t like the HEA requirement.

It’s not that I think HEAs should be banned. Just that a book shouldn’t have to have one to be a romance.

No, I’m not a happy camper at the moment. A pity I don’t have time to play or I’d seriously consider starting a flame war, and you know who you are.


The Seasons of Seduction III Round-Up

First up, we have Cathryn Fox, with Panther’s Pleasure. Her contest is still ongoing, so head on over!

Second, we have Charlene TegliaI Was An Alien’s Love Slave, she writes. Contest still ongoing, so clicky the linky!

Next, Kate Willoughby with her Man of Vision.

Then Lacey Alexander, with a Pirate and a Pussycat. Sounds naughty, doesn’t it? 😉

And last but not least, NJ Walters has both Sunshine and Vampires, which should be an oxymoron but isn’t.

Get the anthology here!


NJ Walters: The Tale behind Sunshine For A Vampire

Sunshine DeMarco is a blonde-haired, blue-eyed vampire who just doesn’t fit in with her own people. She doesn’t really like the whole vampire lifestyle–the opulent surroundings and overindulgence in everything from food to drink to blood. But even she has family and social obligations. While attending a party for a special European dignitary, she finds herself captivated by a tall, dark stranger. One sensual dance between them leads to a passionate tryst in the host’s garden. Reality intrudes and Sunshine flees, but she hasn’t seen the last of her mystery lover.

NJ says: Some authors and I were on a chat group one afternoon and we were talking about vampires–specifically vampires who were different. I had a vision of a blonde-haired, blue-eyed, short vampire who was unlike her tall, dark-haired, dark-eyed brethern. Throw in the fact that she likes to garden and has a “day” job, so to speak, and she’s really a misfit among her rich, aristocratic contemporaries. I wondered what would happen if she had to attend a social function. Sort of a vampire Cinderella story. Thus began the story of Sunshine DeMarco and her most memorable night at the ball.

At last, a vampire novella… Continue reading ‘NJ Walters: The Tale behind Sunshine For A Vampire’


Lacey Alexander: The Tale behind The Pirate and the Pussycat

When Leah gets an invitation to a friend’s annual Halloween bash, she has mixed emotions. After all, at last year’s party, she met a man, fell for him hard in just one night, and then … never heard from him again. So this year, she decides to take a new approach. Screw the emotions – she’s going to find a hot guy and do the dirty with him, no intimate strings attached. And besides being a little kinky, doing it with costumes on will make it even less personal.Arriving at the soiree in her sexy cat costume, she spies a totally hot pirate across the room and knows instantly that he’s the man she’s going to seduce. But can she succeed in her plan? Or will this naughty little kitty end up heartbroken all over again?

Lacey says: What inspired this story was the title itself. I’m a huge fan of Halloween – and also pirates, as it happens – and when it came time to pen a story for one of the EC Caveman anthologies that would be released in autumn, it seemed like the perfect time to fit my sexy title to a fun, naughty Halloween romp. It also happens that I was once in a bar where the Captain Morgan’s rum people had sent a guy dressed in full Captain Morgan regalia to do promotional giveaways. He was WAY hot and the memory provided the inspiration for my hero.
Now click below for the excerpt!
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Kate Willoughby: The Tale behind A Man of Vision

For Cristoforo, sculpting marble is his life, but the price of creation is a libido that rides him like a demon. When he discovers his sculpting days are numbered, he hires a mistress to satisfy him night and day.
Modern-day courtesan Delphine arrives at his villa prepared for the rigors of being on call 24/7. What she isn’t prepared for, however, is the intensity of her body’s response to Cristoforo. When she learns what is driving him so ruthlessly, she wonders if she can protect her heart…or if it’s already too late.

Kate says:When I saw a call to participate in a chain story for a free erotic story site many years ago, I joined in. Over the course of many chapters, the heroine, Erica, experienced a wide, sometimes shocking, variety of sexual adventures, all penned by different people. However after a while, I pulled my chapter from the site with the intention of expanding it into its own free standing story. So when I heard about Ellora’s Cavemen anthologies, I changed eighty percent of the original vignette and was ecstatic when they accepted it for their Seasons of Seduction, Volume III. Now, I can’t wait to see if readers enjoy it, too!

Now click below for the fabulous excerpt!
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Charlene Teglia: The Tale behind I Was an Alien’s Love Slave

Micki Sloane needs a hero and she needs him now. She’s a romance writer with a deadline and writer’s block and no inspiration in sight. Desperation drives her on a tour of Seattle bars, which leaves her no closer to her goal. What to do? Wish on a star.

Keelan Os’tana has been seeking his bondmate, the one woman who is on his wavelength – literally. He receives Micki’s mental call and answers by beaming her up and into adventure beyond her wildest imaginings. Her options? Form the permanent telepathic bond with Keelan or go home and take up writing for the tabloids. “I Was An Alien’s Love Slave” is a sure seller, but Keelan makes it awfully tempting to live the fantasy instead.

Charlene says: I saw this lurid headline on a tabloid one day waiting in line at the grocery store. I howled. I thought it was the funniest thing I’d ever seen. All I had to do was think of this headline and I cracked up. So of course I had to write a story to go with the headline. My alien-abduction encounter of the erotic romance kind must’ve made all the editors laugh, too, because it was one of the 24 stories chosen for the Ellora’s Cavemen anthologies.

Now click below for the excerpt and the contest details!

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Cathryn Fox: The Tale behind Panther’s Pleasure

Sash, chief mechanic of the starship Anthon has spent her entire life coursing through space. She’s never gotten sick before. Ever. But as they approach planet Lannar, all kinds of weird and not so wonderful things begin
happening to her body, and when she sets eyes on the gorgeous Kade, leader of Lannar, all kinds of weird and very wonderful things begin happening to her libido.The minute Kade sets eyes on the alpha Earth woman he knows she’s his mate. How it’s possible that an Earth woman is the mate for a shape shifting panther, he’s not sure. All he knows is that there is only one way to help ease the pain in her body and make her first transformation easier. Through mating. And there is only way to mark her as his mate. Through submissionBut will the Earth woman be strong enough to mate with the alpha panther inside him, yet submissive enough to allow him to claim her?

Cathryn says: About a year ago I took my dog to the vet. While there my daughter decided to pet the veterinarian’s cat that freely roamed the waiting room. This cat turned around and bit my daughter on the arm. It didn’t draw blood, but it left a scratch mark. I couldn’t believe it. I told the receptionist what happened. She shrugged and with casual nonchalance, said, “That’s never happened before.”

I got to thinking, what if my daughter caught something rare from the cat. We’ve all heard of Cat Scratch Fever. So my story Panther’s Pleasure evolved from that one incident. I’m still not very happy that the receptionist was so nonchalant about the whole cat bite though!

Click below for the excerpt and contest details!

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Away from Romancelandia…

…and there’s another HEA discussion that I missed. Damn!

Or not, because my opinion hasn’t changed.

I very much agree with Robin, that if the definition of a romance novel didn’t include the HEA part, then readers wouldn’t get dissatisfied with non-HEA endings in romances.

Because this is all about expectations: if you expect something and you don’t get it, you’ll be disappointed.

I do think the HEA requirement is restrictive. As long as it stands, I won’t ever write something that will be published as a romance–I try to convince myself it’s purely on principle because I think the HEA requirement is unutterably wrong though it might, just might, be because I’m still rebelling against laws and stuff like that.

But, I’m a little older, and I’d like to think a little more mature and wise than I was the last time I touched on this, so I’ll add this: readers have as much say as writers do in defining a genre, and if so many readers think that the HEA is such an important part of romance to them, then maybe it should be there.

Doesn’t mean I think it should be there though. 😉


I have found Religion

And it’s name is Internet.

I’m happy. I just need to go clean my room before heading out tonight–in the cold, cold wet of Manchester, but that’s the UK for you, as my friend said.

I’m not going to go back to my daily blogging because it will kill me, so stop me if you think I’m heading down that route.

I’ve lots of food in my room because it can’t all go into the fridge or my food locker. There will be ants at some point. Please tell me how to stop them from attacking my food.

This is very random because I really don’t know what to blog. Everybody wants to know what I’m doing, what life is like here…and I’m like, ‘it’s normal.’

I’m not terribly different from other freshers/first-years, except that I’m Don’t Drink. Well, I do, but it’s a few sips, and that’s enough. I do mean a few sips. I plan to go my entire university life without getting drunk. Ever.

I’m succeeding so far, so that’s good. I just wish people would stop trying to get me to dance!


I have found God…

…and her name is Alison Kent.

I replied to her email without any coercion at all! I don’t know how she did it, therefore she must be God.

I’m going to try to reply to emails now, but no promises.

Dear cousin who can predict the future,

you said that from September onwards, life would get better for me.

I’ve not seen any sign of it yet, as I missed PBW‘s contest for an Evermore ARC. Do you know how much I want that book?


No love, May

Dear Author-with-a-book-out-in-January/February,

please email me, if you’d like to guestblog or be interviewed.

There will be much love from me if you do.

Love, May

Dear everybody else,

I wish I could stay to talk, but I can’t. When life settles down…You’ll hear from me again.

Love, May

Dear People in the UK,

if you’d like to meet up, let me know, but I doubt I’ll be able to get anywhere until Christmas or possible Easter next year.

Love, May


When Jaci interviews Cheyenne

Not only did Jaci dare to come back to my blog, she even brought a friend!

1. Favorite ice cream?

Cake batter flavor with fresh brownies at Cold Stone Creamery. Mmmmmm.

2. What’s your favorite meal to cook? And if you don’t cook, what’s your favorite take out food?

I so do not cook. If I do it’s spaghetti or something along the lines of pasta and also lots of Hamburger Helper. I do make a mean home made cheese sauce macaroni!

3. Movies or Music?

Both. I listen to soundtracks when I write, and occasionally watch movies when I actually relax!

4. Beach or mountains?

Mountains. Beach is nice, but I’m not a water or sun person. I love the forest and the mysteries there. You know, all the Fae and stuff. *g*

5. Coke, Pepsi, 7 up, Dr Pepper or other?

Diet Pepsi Lime!

6. Flying or Driving?

Neither. 🙂 I’d have to say driving.

7. Do you and your honey have pet names for each other? And if so, care to share?

LOL. You wouldn’t believe that they were terms of endearment if I told you what they are. But when we were dating and first married, I don’t know how we started it, but it was “Bug.” 🙂

8. How long does it take you to write a book in your Magic series?

To write it before I send it to my editor, and not counting any revisions she might have me do—it takes me 6 to 8 weeks to write a book.

9. How do you come up with the names for your heroes and heroines? Do you do them yourself or do you get help?

Sometimes I just make things up. But most of the time I use name books or online name finders with meaning. I used mostly Celtic, Gaelic, and Irish names for the “Magic” book series.

10. Do you take vacations? If so, what’s your favorite vacation spot?

We like to go to resorts and hang out. The kids love to swim, etc.

11. Out of all your books, what’s your favorite cover so far?


12. Tell us about Wicked Magic. When does it release, who are the main characters and what’s the story about?

It came out August 28!

Rhiannon Castle is a D’Anu witch whose Coven sisters know nothing of the Shadows that lurk within her. Rhiannon is afraid to reveal the truth to anyone. Keir’s Tuatha D’Danann brethren are the only real family he has ever known. He trusts no one—until he is sent to San Francisco and meets Rhiannon, the one woman with fire enough to tame him. They face a new threat that rises from the depths of Underworld. When a demon goddess unleashes her evil upon our world, Rhiannon’s secret could be the ultimate weapon in this epic battle—or forge a pathway to destruction for the only man she’s ever loved.

13. What’s the best way for readers to find you?

My website


Email: chey (at) cheyennemccray (dot) com (substitutions where appropriate and no spaces)

Chey’s giving away a SIGNED copy of Forbidden Magic! Comment to win! Do you think Chey’s going to kill Jaci and hide her body for dragging her here? Does Jaci need a bodyguard? (I think we can get her to pay in ARCs *g*) 


When Cheyenne Interviews Jaci

If Muhammad will not go to the mountain, the mountain will come to Mohammed. The Terrible Twosome of Jaci Burton and Cheyenne McCray have decided to release me from my misery at being unable to stalk them all over the internets, and have come to the blog instead.

1. Favorite ice cream?

Cookie Dough

2. What’s your favorite meal to cook? And if you don’t cook, what’s your favorite take out food?

I love making spaghetti, because I make home made sauce and I think it’s fantastic.

3. Movies or Music?

Movies. I love watching movies.

4. Beach or mountains?

Beach. It’s too cold at the mountains.

5. Coke, Pepsi, 7 up, Dr Pepper or other?

Diet Dr. Pepper.

6. Flying or Driving?

I used to love flying. Now I can’t stand it. Long lines and for some reason flying makes me queasy. Driving is just fine with me, even if it does take longer. At least you’re in charge of when you stop and what you can pack and when you can eat.

7. Do you and your honey have pet names for each other? And if so, care to share?

Yes we do, and no I’m not sharing. Heh.

8. How long does it take you to write a book in your Demon Hunter series?

Because the plot and subplot for these books are so complex, it takes anywhere from 4 to 6 months to write these books and really sift through them for continuity to make sure they shine before I turn them in.

9. How do you come up with the names for your heroes and heroines? Do you do them yourself or do you get help?

Sometimes the names just pop right into my head. Sometimes I have to go to my friends for help, or use one of those baby name generators. Affixing a name to a character isn’t really all that easy. It just has to ‘fit’ the character, ya know?

10. Do you take vacations? If so, what’s your favorite vacation spot?

I love vacations, and I don’t get to take all that many. My husband and I often travel only for business, either his or mine. But I love anywhere that has an ocean and a beach. *sigh*

11. Out of all your books, what’s your favorite cover so far?

I have to say Out of the Darkness, because my husband and I are on that cover (and he’d be mad at me if I said otherwise. 😉 )

12. Tell us about Hunting the Demon. When does it release, who are the main characters and what’s the story about?

It released August 28th! Hunting the Demon is the second book in my Demon Hunter series with Bantam Dell. This one is Shay and Nic’s story, and it’s set in Australia. Nic is Derek’s brother (Derek was the hero in the first book) and the demon hunters are out to grab Nic and determine whether the demon blood within him is going to make him side with the evil Sons of Darkness or whether they can convince him to join the Realm of Light and fight against the demons. Shay is one of the demon hunters with secrets of her own, and those secrets reveal much about Nic, but she hesitates telling anyone what she knows because it reveals a lot about who she is.

Lots of secrets in this book, and it was tons of fun to write!

13. What’s the best way for readers to find you?

My Website

My Blog

Email: jaci (at) jaciburton (dot) com (no spaces, and substitutions where appropriate)

Jaci’s giving away either a signed copy of Wild, Wicked and Wanton or Surviving Demon Island, winner’s choice! I think she’d know all about surviving, demons and all, because, you know, she’s survived moi. 😉


Jaci Burton: Hunting The Demon


Hunting demons for a living can have its moments. Especially when Shay Pearson’s latest quarry is the gorgeous bronzed surfer who just stepped out of the sea. Uncovering Nic Diavolo’s devilish side could prove Shay’s toughest assignment yet. Because while she’s acting as bait to snatch this sexy bad boy, Nic’s got a plan of seduction no woman—earthly or otherwise–can resist

Caught between two warring realms, Nic needs to stay alive long enough to figure out who his enemies are. That includes the beautiful hunter who won’t let him out of her sight. And something far worse: A force of evil with an almost unimaginable goal – possessing Nic’s very soul. But the hunt really heats up when a guy who’s hotter than Hades and a woman who’s afraid to love join forces, igniting an inferno of lust and longing that could send them into mortal danger…or straight into each other’s arms…

To be perfectly honest, I might not have picked this book up on my own. I wasn’t crazy about the first book in the series, and Hunting The Demon releases at a time when I just don’t have time to visit bookstores and such.

So I’m really glad that Jaci sent me an ARC (yes, she was brave, because my review was mean) because I think HTD improves on where Surviving Demon Island shone and at the same time, a lot of the little things that annoyed me about SDI aren’t in HTD.

In other words, it’s also a page-turner, but it’s a very rereadable page-turner; I’ve had to reread this several times, partly because I’ve been dragging on this review, and I think it stands up to rereading quite well.

The only part that didn’t stand up to rereading is Nic’s refusal to believe that Derek is his brother. Uhm, DNA testing? Sidenote: I would have liked to find out how a half-demon’s DNA defers from a human’s.

I do think that Jaci’s taken her handling of the h/h relationship to a new level in HTD, and I’d certainly rank Shay and Nic in my top 3 Jaci couples.

Hunting The Demon rates 4 out of 5.


Nalini Singh: Caressed By Ice

Explore new heights of sensuality in this return to the world of the Psy—where two people who know evil intimately must unlock the good within their icy hearts…As an Arrow, an elite soldier in the Psy Council ranks, Judd Lauren was forced to do terrible things in the name of his people. Now a defector, his dark abilities have made him the most deadly of assassins—cold, pitiless, unfeeling. Until he meets Brenna…Brenna Shane Kincaid was an innocent before she was abducted—and had her mind violated—by a serial killer. Her sense of evil runs so deep, she fears she could become a killer herself. Then the first dead body is found, victim of a familiar madness. Judd is her only hope, yet her sensual changeling side rebels against the inhuman chill of his personality, even as desire explodes between them. Shocking and raw, their passion is a danger that threatens not only their hearts, but their very lives…

Caressed By Ice is the darkest of the three books out so far in the Psy/Changeling series.

It’s a very tightly wound book, with breaks that let you glimpse the overarching storyline without changing the focus of the novel, which is, of course, Brenna and Judd.

Nalini is one of the rare romance authors whose series moves forward in every novel, and for me, that is a very big part of why I love her work.

Judd did come across as rather more one-dimensional than her previous heroes. He is Psy, and he is a Psy who seeks to hold onto Silence, which probably contributes to why I think he’s more 1-D. I did get rather irritated with his “I can’t do this..Silence that…” Can’t help but wonder if less would have been more in that respect.

However, whilst I do think that Caressed By Ice is weaker than the previous two novels, I still very much want the next book (hint hint, Nalini! *g*). After all, it’s highly unlikely that I’ll love all the books in a series equally, right?

Caressed By Ice rates 4 out of 5.


Extracting Riding The Storm by Sydney Croft

Riding The Storm by Sydney CroftA storm’s rage. A woman’s desire.

A man with the power to set them both free

He can summon lightning at will. Emerge unscathed from the center of a tornado. Strip a woman down to her barest defenses through the sheer force of his sexuality. He’s gorgeous, dangerous, and the target of parameteorologist Haley Holmes’s latest mission. Haley has been dispatched to the Louisiana bayou to investigate the phenomenon known as Remy Begnaud – man with a gift he never wanted: the ability to control a storm’s fury. But even a woman trained in bizarre weather phenomenon has no defense against the electrifying power of the Ex-Navy SEAL…a power his enemies would kill to control.

With her agency monitoring their every move, Haley’s job is to seduce Remy, gain his trust — and help him harness his extraordinary gift. But who will protect her from this voracious lover who’s introducing her to a new world of erotic thrills – a man who grows increasingly insatiable with each new weather event? Haley knows a big storm is approaching –and with it will come unexpected delights. But, so, too, will the storm unleash her greatest fears: An enemy bent on destroying Remy. And her worst fear of all…falling in love with this magnificent man, then having to betray him…

I’m so pleased! Sydney-Larissa (I can’t think of Sydney Croft as Sydney Croft, LOL) sent one of my favorite scenes for this extract!

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6 Questions with Sydney Croft

1. On a scale of one to ten, rank your current level of insanity–where ten is belongs-in-lunatic-asylums insane–and tell us why.

Steph: I think I’m at the point where the insanity is so bad it actually feels normal and calm. Oh look, men in white coats…

Larissa: I’m far, far beyond the men in white coats. I’m already making myself comfortable in the padded room.

2. Is it a plus, a minus or both that the two of you have very different methods of writing?

Steph: I really had fun bringing Larissa over to the dark side of non-plotting and writing out of order. And let’s not forget, she was the one who corrupted me…I wrote sweet stories before her. *glances at Larissa wonders if anyone’s going to buy that*

Larissa: No one is going to buy that. No one. If anything, SHE corrupted ME. Really, I think that our very different writing methods are a plus. Her non-plotting drove me batty at first, but once I started looking at it from a real-life standpoint, as in, when two strangers meet, they don’t plot out their lives…I realized that by playing a little more loosely with the plot, our characters were reacting like real people…mine had no idea what hers were going to do, and vice versa. It keeps a sense of excitement going for us when we write. Of course, I’m sure my seriously picky tendency to go over EVERYTHING with a fine-toothed comb a dozen times makes Steph insane. She humors me well, though.

Steph: I thoroughly appreciate her attention to detail. Really. And I thoroughly appreciate her not strangling me for not having that same attention to detail.

3. You were critique partners before you started writing together. I’m making the assumption that both of you had other critique partners when you started writing together, so why each other?

Larissa: She’s the only one that would put up with me. No doubt the opposite is also true…

Steph: No one else could put up with either of us. Trust me. But Larissa and I have the same…I don’t know what to call it – it’s not sense of humor, although we do share that. We’re opposite in a lot of our likes / dislikes in reading and TV…but somehow we like to write the same things together. It makes no sense, I know.

4. Do you think there’ll be readers who’ll be uncomfortable or even be put off by the m/m scene in Riding The Storm?

Larissa: Maybe, but why close the bedroom door on that scene when we leave it so wide open for the other scenes? There was never any question that Dev is a very sexual person, and he’s equal-opportunity when it comes to pleasure. And the ACRO world is full of extremes, but it’s also a place where the inhabitants are encouraged to be who they are and to be comfortable with what they are. Just for fun, I asked a conservative male friend of mine to read Riding The Storm, and I didn’t tell him about the one brief m/m scene. Later, he said that while he wasn’t thrilled to read it, he felt like he had to because the other sex scenes in the book contained valuable information and were important to the plot. So he “suffered through it.” And he’s still looking forward to the next book.

Steph: The thing about any of the sex scenes in Syd is that, even thought they’re plentiful, they aren’t gratuitous. When we were creating Dev, I just knew instinctively that he was in love with another man even though he is bisexual. It wasn’t a big deal – so I really hope that readers see the scene as Dev trying to deal with his feelings for Oz. What Larissa’s friend said about not being able to skip that scene, even though he wanted to, because of all the information he’d found in the sex scenes was the hugest compliment. And I think that love is love, and I can’t apologize for trying to show that.

5. Are collaborations the next hot thing? There’s Jennifer Crusie and her various collaborators, and I’ve been seeing a growing number of unpubbeds doing collaborations as well.

Steph: I honestly have no idea – I’m pretty much head in the sand with this stuff. Of course, I knew about Crusie/Mayer, but that’s about the extent of it.

Larissa: I’m with Steph—I have no idea. I hear so many people say they have tried and failed—and I’ve tried and failed with other people myself. I also hear people say that they could never do it because they can’t give up control. But the thing is, with the right partner, it isn’t about control. It’s about putting together the best book you can and using each of your individual strengths to enhance the collaboration.

6. What insanity drove both of you to conspire with Alison Kent, Jo Leigh and HelenKay Dimon to start 70 Days of Sweat? The same insanity that drove a pantzer and a plotter to write together? (No, Steph, I’ve not forgiven you for threatening to sign me up if I didn’t do it on my own)

Steph: I couldn’t help it, May – misery loves company and all. I was reminded of the SEAL motto: Don’t bother running, you’ll just die tired…well, insert write instead of die.

Larissa: Steph pretty much covered that one. Every once in a while she knows what she’s talking about…

Sydney Croft‘s debut release, Riding The Storm, is just out, to be followed by Unleashing The Storm (March ’08), Seduced By The Storm (August ’08) and Shadow Play in the Hot Nights Dark Desires anthology (August ’08).

Stephanie Tyler will have a Blaze, Beyond His Control, out in March ’08, and a novella, Night Vision, in the Hot Nights Dark Desires anthology (August ’08).

Larissa Ione releases Snowbound with Samhain Publishing later this month (September 25th) and the first book in her Demonica series, Pleasure Unbound, releases next year (July ’08).