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Nick Stone: Mr. Clarinet

The Job: find a rich man’s kidnapped son in Haiti

The Reward: $10 million to bring the boy back alive

The Man: Max Mingus, ex-cop, ex-PI and now ex-con

The Stakes: his predecessors haven’t just failed, they’ve been destroyed…

Max Mingus knows the price of a bad risk, but he he takes the Haiti job because no one else will. A lawless island of voodoo and black magic where each man must face his personal demons, Haiti is also home to a monster they call Mr. Clarinet–infamous for spiriting countless children away from their families.

In searching for the boy–alive or dead–Max has only his life to lose. But in Haiti, there are fates far worse than death…

There are occasional strokes of brilliance in this book. Nick Stone is the rare author who can make even my stomach turn.

But it’s not tightly written enough to make the best use of that brilliance. In a sense, the author has done everything he’s supposed to do, there’s great characterization, great story, intriguing plots, etc. It just didn’t all come together.

This rates 3 out of 5.