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Kym Ragusa: The Skin Between Us

I picked up this book on a whim.

It’s a memoir, which puts it in my “I don’t usually read this” category, about growing up biracial in America.

I didn’t expect to enjoy The Skin Between Us this much, and I definitely didn’t expect to want and finish it in one sitting.

But Ragusa is a wonderful writer, and the images she paints of her life so far are vivid.
I definitely recommend this book.

This rates 9 out of 10.


Janine Roberts: Glitter & Greed

This is a book on diamonds, every girl's best friend. Or so De Beer's would like you to believe.

It's informative, and well-written–definitely not the kind of non-fiction you fall asleep reading. She's passionate about her subject matter (she's done a TV documentary shown on BBC in fact) and it shows. 

If you're a writer, and you do stuff with any hint of suspense at all, then this belongs on your shelves. She's done all the research and she's linked it with all the stuff you might need to know. Comprehensive is a very good word to describe this book. 

And if you're not a writer…Well then, you should read it anyway. It's that good a book. 
For some reason, this sticks in my head: Glitter & Greed is published by the Disinformation Company.