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Shannon Stacey does Beth’s Cowboys: Pt. 2 of the Cowboy Invasion

Ooooooh! A brawl on the blog! A Rumble in the Western part of Romancelandia!

Like Beth Williamson, Shannon Stacey‘s latest release is a romance with a Western setting. Taming Eliza Jane is now available from Samhain Publishing.

Beth said that she would be packing her six-guns and her attitude for Pt. 2, so here’s hoping we’ll get to see them in use! If you’re afraid of bullets, go buy a copy of The Legacy and read in bed with your bulletproof quilt.

Tom Selleck

Beth: Nobody is a bigger, sexier cowboy than Tom. He’s starred in a number of westerns and melts my butter each and every time. I loved Quigley Down Under and The Sacketts – serious western fair. Hands down, he’s got to be the yummiest one.

Shannon: I’m not a huge fan of Tom’s work, but when you combine him with a Louis L’Amour story some kind of chemistry happens that causes me to start drooling. He was fabulous as Orrin Sackett, and I have huge fangirl love for Crossfire Trail.

Beth: I have to say that Sam’s biggest appeal is that voice. OMG – talk about a panty twister. Lord above, that man could recite the phone book and make me hot. Fabulous cowboy – in some of my favorite movies too like Conagher and The Quick and the Dead.

Shannon: With apologies to the Duke, I think Sam is the greatest on-screen cowboy ever. And, yes, that voice—I get shivers just thinking about it. I first fell in love with him as Tell Sackett, and he man just gets better with age. (He would have been my number one choice had Beth not snapped him up.)

Oh my, the brawl’s going to start any time now!

Beth: What can I say? I fell in love with in in LOTR, then came Hidalgo. That man can ride a horse – his seat is phenomenal. I watch that movie over and over just to see him on a horse. That swagger, that drawl. Sigh…

Shannon: I have to be honest—I spent most of Hidalgo hoping the horse would buck Viggo off and pound him into the sand. The guy didn’t deserve what the horse was willing to give him, and I just hated the story. I will admit he looked mighty fine in that saddle, though. *g*

Where’s the attitude, Beth? And the six-guns? And the brawl?

Someone answer this question for me!

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Beth Williamson does Shannon’s Cowboys: Pt. 1 of the Cowboy Invasion

Hmm…I’m quite sure I don’t think that’s the way I meant for it to come out, but I can’t think of a better title.

Beth Williamson is the author of another historical western series, the Malloys. The first book of the series is The Bounty, and the seventh, The Legacy, will be out later this month.

Shannon Stacey, as you already know by now, is celebrating her debut Western romance release, Taming Eliza Jane.

And when two Western authors get together, they get into a brawl….

Shannon: I don’t know why, but his role as Billy the Kid in Young Guns rocks my world. The entire cast was good, but Emilio stole the show.

Beth: Emilio has an intensity that many men his age didn’t have when he did Young Guns. He reminds me a lot of his father in that way. Not my ultimate cowboy, but I think he did an awesome job in YG.

Shannon: I am NOT a Kevin Costner fan, but he played Charley Waite in Open Range as a quiet, awkward, but determined and bad-ass cowboy who makes my heart pitter-patter. And when he looks up her dishes in the catalogue…*swoon*

Beth: Ooooh, Kevin. Open Range is one of my favorite movies – I even have it on DVD. I love the scene where he cleans up the mud in the doctor’s house and puts the clumps under the rug. LOL! Really though, the shoot out at the end, I am absolutely mesmerized by it. Good choice.

Shannon: I am so totally cheating because Firefly is a space western, but the character of Malcolm Reynolds makes my toes curl. I’d like to take him home for a little giddy-up.

Beth: Cap’n Tightpants! I love, love, love Firefly! When he straps on that gun and says “I aim to misbehave.” OMG, that’s a man I love to see wearing a six shooter. *fanning self* And the episode where he was nekkid? *runs off to pop in Firefly DVD*
It was supposed to be a brawl dammit! Maybe even a gunfight! It’s turned into a lovefest, of all things…

Sigh. Maybe in Pt. 2, which will be posted on June 26th, so come back for that!

In the meantime, tell us what you think of Shannon‘s choices. You could win a copy of Shannon‘s Taming Eliza Jane (e-copy) or Adrenaline (print).


So What Are You Reading now?

Jennifer Estep:

What about you? What have you read lately? Inquiring minds want to know …

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