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Introducing Jennifer Estep

According to her official bio, Jennifer Estep works at a newspaper by day, and “prowls the streets of her imagination by night.”


What she actually does is prowl the streets as pseudonymous superheroine Jellyfer Extra-Alcoholic. That’s why she knows so much about superheroes, and I bet she knows all the hot gossip.

After all, Jellyfer’s superpower is that she makes the most wonderful JellO Shots, and just one of them should have you spilling all your secrets to all and sundry. It’s said that she can create JellO Shots that

She does love her Amaretto sours (I honestly wouldn’t say anything about mixed drinks being girly because, you know, she is a pseudonymous superheroine), and in her honor, we have a Amaretto Sour JellO Shot recipe for you:

1 large box Lime Jell-O
1 cup boiling water
1/2 cup Amaretto
1 tablespoon lemon juice

Dissolve JellO in the boiling water. Add the lemon juice.

Let cool a little (but not set) before adding the Amaretto–this prevents excess alcohol evaporation which, as we all know, is a Very Bad Thing. Possibly worthy of calling in a pseudonymous superheroine.

Pour into your prepared pan and allow to set before slicing.

 Jellyfer has a secret laboratory where she spends a great deal of time formulating new JellO Shot recipes. One would think that standing over pots of alcohol would make one drunk but Jellyfer? She is Extra-Alcoholic for a reason, and I dare you to try get her drunk at a con.

That, of course, leaves with us this question: where does she find the time to write?

The answer may lie in the rumors I’ve been hearing about Jellyfer. Rumors about her having a secret superpower…the ability to manipulate time.

Hmm…does that mean Jellyfer needs a superheroine name? Jell-O Shots meets Time Management?

On the other hand, she claims to have an insanity quotient of 8.5:

Like I say in the blog, I’m still glowing from the release. But … I’ve still got to work every day. I have a special graduation work project that starts in a week. I have seven booksignings this month and more interviews and blogs to do. I need to finish up the third round of editing on two books, and start writing another one — and try to finish the rough draft before RWA. Ahh! I need a clone!

Someone who can manipulate time probably wouldn’t need a clone, right? So does Jellyfer Extra-Alcoholic, better known for the moment as Jennifer Estep, have a secret superpower or not?

I’ll leave you to ponder that, and just so you know, sharing your ponderings with us could win you a copy of KARMA GIRL and some lovely bookmarks!

Spilling the deets on why you want to read KARMA GIRL, what you thought of it if you’ve read it and whether Jellyfer Extra-Alcoholic can manipulate time or not gets you one entry each into the draw, and you can enter twice. 😉


Introducing MG Braden

MG and I, it seems, met on AngieW’s blog.

That’s the way she remembers it anyway. Me, I don’t remember.

See, MG, she’s a pseudonymous superheroine with the superpower to traumatize people into forgetting stuff. Don’t tell anybody I told you, but MG actually stands for Mistress Gore.

She’s not really that squeamish, even though she pretends to be when the other two Sisters of the Severed Hand throw severed hands at her. In fact, I think she relishes in it. Not quite sure what she does with severed hands, but hey, if it doesn’t harm anybody (and she is a superheroine, you know), all’s good, right?

She used to do the superheroine thang full-time, then she got preggers and had kids and her brains leaked out her ears. Thankfully for her, and us, she still has some brains left.

So she writes romances and she does the superheroine thang part-time. Mostly, she stops romance heroes and heroines from doing stupid things ( like deciding against having a HEA) and cleans up baby poop. Yes people, she’s gotten her SuperMom badge, and survived all sorts of bodily fluids and teenagers. Now you see why she managed to traumatize me, miladyinsanity?

She’s not all bad though. After all, she has a respectable insanity quotient.

I would say my current insanity level is probably at a nine but not sure that has anything to do with my writing. I have three young children, aged 1-7, am a volunteer for probably one too many things, my dh is away for ten days and I have a story due by the end of next week, as well as another one to do a revision and resubmit on. Plus my head is filled with voices! mwahahahaha! The thing is I pretty much thrive on this kind of stuff for the most part. I whine a little and would like some me time but really, I’m good. If I could just drop it down to a level 7 I think it would be a bit better.