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Beta Reader

I’m not sure what it’s a sign of but I can’t remember a RTB post I’ve written that wasn’t gone over by somebody else before it went up.

Barb Ferrer got shanghaied into the job the last time.

Any volunteers?

I’m trying not to name names in this one, just because it seems rather mean and I’d rather not get flamed for this. If that’s going to happen, it’s going to happen here on this wee blog rather than over there, where I am Queen of my Domain (not exactly, since I think I’m going to postpone getting my own domain because it looks like it’ll be a massive PITA).

PS It’s not going to go up for awhile, but I usually have a dearth of ideas when it comes to relevant ideas for my column, so I might as well get it down whilst I can.


RTB day

I’m at Romancing The Blog today:

The Happy Ever After’s just lost its zing for me. I don’t read a romance and go all ‘awww….’ or ‘happy sigh’ when I turn the last page. It’s more of a ‘That’s it? That’s all?’ type of feeling.

I’m counting on people telling me I should stop writing from RTB to make my day.


Links to the Good Stuff

I don’t have time to do this much any more, but there are good things to be had.

Elise Matthesen, aka elisem on LJ, is holding a June Shiny Sale! She’s a jeweller, and she makes the most gorgeous pretties! My Elisian jewelry count is at 1 pendant (Cabinet of Dreams…I need access to my email so I can pay her damn it!), one necklace-crown and one pair of earrings. *beams* I am much accomplished in the jewelry department now.

Jessica’s running contests. This is the last time I’m linking to her, and I’m only doing it because she’s giving away stuff. After this, bah to Jessica! She is gone! I have gotten rid of her!

Romancing The Blog is doing a giveaway. I think the schedule for this one is every other weekend. Also, still on RTB, Barbara Ferrer and I have evil plans so you should read our next columns (I think in July) to find out what they are. You do not want to mess with Barb Ferrer and Me.


Twisted Makes This Story Full of Win

Check it out here.


I’m at RTB today

I’m talking about the Ruthless Reader.

Slightly bemused about some of the responses, but there you go.


Kill Your Brain Cells, or Why I Wouldn’t Want to be a Short-Story Editor

Ellen Datlow offers us this gem.

Click if you want to rot your brain cells, or if, like me, you have been examined to the point where you have no brain cells left.

Also, above eighteen only. Though the mental images, if it can be called that, are so cartoonish as to be not pornorific…on the other hand, the Japanese do have anime porn, so maybe not.


Magic Sex Please

Now, you may not know this, but I, together with New York Times bestselling author Jeaniene Frost, are campaigning for Kate and Curran porn by book 4 of the Kate Daniels series, written by the fabulous Ilona Andrews.

Ilona’s looking for titles for book 3, which should be Magic ___________.

She said no to Magic Sex, so I guess she’ll just have to save that title for book 4, but in the meantime, we need Book 3, so head on over and give book 3 a name–there’s a prize!