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Blog Events

Yep, I got my act together.

See this?

So tomorrow, Michelle Rowen‘s interview will be posted, together with the review of Angel With Attitude.

The ones on the 1st and the 15th are interviews, everything else are guestblogs.

I’ll let you know if they are taking questions. The issue with taking questions is that the spam blocker’s wonky, and has been known to send legitimate comments to spam or place them under moderation. Since there’s a time difference, I won’t be here when most of the commenters post, and if it decides to have me moderate every single one…Well, you get the idea.

I’m always open to suggestions for authors, by the way, and I do have a fondness for first-timers. And can somebody suggest a non-Samhain Publishing author for October?

No, Angie, I don’t have anything against you guys, but both July and August (Sela is unconfirmed, in case she’s moving) are Samhain authors, and the author I’ve approached for September is also a Samhain author. That’s all. I think this is something else I can blame this on you because you have links to the Samhain authors in your links.

I’ll set up a new page for links to the interviews and guest blogs this weekend. I may also catalogue the reviews.


Stephanie Rowe: Date Me, Baby, One More Time

This is my June entry for the Meanie‘s June TBR Challenge, for books you bought/read because it was a recommend.

This book is a paranormal romantic comedy.

I loved Iris’s interaction with Satan. If this book had been about the two of them, I might actually keep this for days when I badly need a laugh.

Unfortunately, it’s about Justine and Derek. There’s nothing wrong with them, but neither did they stand out against a background filled with over-the-top characters.

I’d recommend this if you’re looking for a fluff read.


Angela Knight: The Forever Kiss

This is my first AK book–because I saw the pink cover for Master of the Moon and couldn't bring myself to pick any other AK book up. 

I picked it up expecting a hot read. It is, after all, a Red Sage book, not to mention that Angela Knight is known as a hot writer. And it had vampires, tortured vampires! 

But it just didn't work for me. Her voice, I think, is the issue. I couldn't get 'sucked in.'

So I was skimming as I reached the end. Even the sex was boring.
Disclaimer: This book is a signed copy I won from Kate Douglas. 


Snark Sells

Forget about sex.

If you’re a blogger, Snark sells.

There’s the original Smart Bitches, then there’s Jaynie R and Karen S. Occasionally, there are others who rise to the top of Snarkiness and stay there for awhile.

There is Miss Snark, whose wisdom we wannabes bow down before.

And now there’s Snarking The Snarky by SnarkYou.

I bet a skein of floss and twenty pennies that she’ll rise to the top of Snarkiness…oh wait, she’s already there! Fine, I’ll bet a skein of floss and twenty pennies that she’ll stay there!


Kassandra Sims: The Midnight Work

I enjoyed this book. 

I liked the mythology behind Ms Sims's vampires, I like that her vampires LIKE being vampires.

But as a romance, it didn't work for me.

Olivier doesn't quite fit with Sophie.

It didn't help that with such strong secondary characters, Norah and Luc, Olivier seems two-dimensional. You don't really know enough about him other than that he's a vampire who became one because of religious reasons.

Yes, I know he writes poetry–great poetry too–but if we were supposed to decipher his personality from his poetry, I can't do it. 

I assume Ms Sims has a sequel planned for The Midnight Work, and I'll probably get it, but I'd not suggest getting this book for the romance. 


SL Viehl: Bio Rescue

I’m not sure what the problem is, but it didn’t really work for me–it’s not the Sci-fi thing, since I’ve read Blade Dancer and loved it. I didn’t really ‘get’ Jadaira. It’s okay if I didn’t like her provided I understand her motivations. It’s just that for a soldier, she seems almost…childish and young.

Because of that, the relationship within her and the Guy didn’t quite work for me. Something was…off.

This definitely isn’t my favorite Viehl book.


“Wicked” Women On Top

Tina Donahue: Let The Games Begin

Great set-up, blah ending.Despite all the sex–I swear, the novella's at least 50% sex.

On top of that, I don't really think that Tiffany and Nick were meant to be together. 

Jen Nicholas: Not Another Fairytale

Great set-up. It's a hilarious little piece of fluff.

Never did find out what JT (the hero's initals) stood for though–possibly my fault, and not the author's. 

Jordan Summers: Private Investigations

This was the novella I got the antho for.

It was a good read until I found out why Cara was breaking into the file cabinet. 

Maybe it was a dealkiller for me because I'm not the sort of person who'd do something like that, but I just felt it was dumb.  

I don't recommend reading Wicked Women On Top.


Terrible Tuesday: A Knife Got Me

Dear People Up There,

I’m sorry for whatever it was I did to offend you.

But haven’t I been good?

When Jordan had a day like mine recently, I went over to give her a hug. I didn’t laugh at her or even think to myself, “I’m glad it wasn’t me.”

I know I was greedy. I baked 3 kinds of cake because I like cake, and lots of it. But I’m willing to share!

My brothers have already had a cupcake each–and I told them to come and get them. The chocolate cake is for my dad–and me, I’m a girl, I can’t help it if I love chocolate. The Swiss Roll because the littlest brother likes kaya rolls, but the ones out there aren’t great–mostly because the filling they use aren’t as great as my mom’s.

Okay, so I had the last two slices of chocolate cake that wouldn’t fit into the cake box, two slices of the Swiss Roll and one of the cupcakes. But I had to quality check and I was hungry. Baking is hungry work, you know!

And after my foot bled all over the place, I needed some comfort. So I had the chocolate cake. That’s all.

I’m sorry. I really am.

Forgive me?

Huggles, Milady


Tamara Siler Jones: Threads Of Malice

This book was even better than Ghosts In The Snow

It’s dark, it’s twisted, it’s tormented.

It’s the sort of book where you can’t wait to find out what happens next, but at the same time, you are almost afraid to turn the page. What if something happens to Dubric? Or Lars (*drool*)? Or Dien?

If you’re a lover of dark fantasy, you absolutely must get hooked onto this series.

Threads of Malice is definitely a T&T Recommend!  

Also, Tamara is our November 15th interviewee.  


Rachel Lee: Shadows of Myth

I'd read one of Lee's romance novels, and I think one more she wrote under her real name of Sue Civil-Brown. Neither impressed me.

I was hoping Shadows of Myth would be better. And it was.

But definitely not worth the full trade paperback price.

It's the first book of a series, and unfortunately, it reads like a PROLOGUE to the series. Nothing really happens in the book, and the cast of characters reads like that of the archetypal fantasy Quest book.


Wen Spencer: A Brother’s Price

Wen has a new fan in me.

I'm not usually one for light fantasy, but this is a really good book.

It's a Cinderella tale with a twist, in an alternate-Earth setting. This time, the guy is Cinderella!

Jerin is very sweet, and his interactions with his family and his future wives are interesting.

Wen's taken into account everything, including how the 9:1 women to men ratio would impact male/female interaction, and she showed it. She didn't infodump it, and it came across as though it's just how things should be. 

I can't wait to go through her backlist, especially Tinker.  


PN Elrod: Bloodlist

I didn't like this one.

I got it because she's in an antho with my once-beloved Sherrilyn Kenyon coming out this year–My Big Fat Supernatural Wedding.

Part of the reason is the setting. It feels dated–there are references to Capone's fall, so… I'm not very into modern history and can't put a date to that.

That it's written in male first person was probably the final straw. I don't usually 'click' with these–see Jim Butcher's Harry Dresden.


Sunday Squee: PBW Takes Over The World Edition

Lets see…

I got Dark Need during the first week of release, which only happens for Big Books. Go Buy It.

Joyce is upset that there’s going to be a long wait between Dark Need and the next Darkyn book, currently titled Night Lost. It’s always nice to have my best friends suffer with me–see how much I love you, J?

Audrey has finally (I hope, I won’t talk to her until tomorrow) gotten the Darkyn books. I told her a thousand times if I told her once. But she doesn’t listen to me. See if I give her good recommends next time. Hah! Maybe I’ll give her an L.A. Banks-type recommend. I love you too, A. Really do.

Oh, one more thing: Go buy the book. I’ve gotten it, so there’s no reason why your bookstore won’t have it. 🙂 Unless it sold out. 🙂


The Sound of Dark Need

PBW is having another contest. Name a CD you really want but haven't got for whatever reason, and you'll get it, plus an Evans Blue CD and a signed copy of Dark Need. 

Please forgive the bad title of this blog entry. I know, the moment I typed that, I thought about somebody under attack from vampires screaming. But it was so bad, I couldn't resist. 

And up your chances of getting the book: Go to your nearest bookstore and buy it. Now.  


Lynn Viehl: Dark Need

Go Get This Book. Right Now. 

The thing I most appreciate about her work in any genre is that she's not at all afraid to "Kill Your (her) Babies." 

She never ever takes the easy way out. No, I won't elaborate on that. But feel free to email me if you've read it and want to talk about it. We need to get PBW to do a spoiler blog for our discussion, methinks.

Now, I know I said I loved Private Demon. Which I did. And do. 

But Dark Need is much better than Private Demon. It's about the same length, but it packs so much more story in, without reading as though she had to cut a lot of stuff. 

I know there are some of you who read the ending first. Don't. Just don't. 

In fact, I don't know why I'm rambling on like this when I should just repeat this:  

Go Get This Book. Right Now.

And if you haven't started the Darkyn books, why haven't you?  


A Really Paranormal Nora

I had no idea La Nora/Da Queen/Nora Roberts was doing a full-scale para–those novellas she did previously weren't para enough.

It makes me consider picking up Morrigan's Cross, which has vampires and witches.


In other August releases…Well, I can't find any August releases I want to read except New Moon by Stephenie Meyer.

And if I don't find somebody, you guys aren't going to get an interview in August.

What interview?

After much consideration, I've decided to do author interviews on this wee blog of mine. Some months will have author days–that's when I get to fill my 2 post quota with 2 posts featuring the author. No, I'm not breaking up the interview, it means I'm reviewing the book too.

July and September have Author Days currently–Michelle Rowen and Nalini Singh. I've an interview with debut Dafina author Patricia Sargeant for November.

I've plans and multiple back-up plans for October (I was really put together that day). Which actually leaves me the problem of in what order should I approach them? There are worse situations to be in.

I found something I'd read, but no contact info. I'd really like the book being released to be something I'd read.

How can this be?

I may ask somebody whose releases is bookending August, or look at e-press.

And no, I'm not against e-authors. It's just that I'm on a ebook buying ban (the CC, it's not working!), so I'd rather not look and drool.

PS Except for Michelle Rowen, if you have any questions you want to ask the authors, tell me.

PPS Please pre-order Angels With Attitude by Michelle Rowen. Fun book. 

PPPS Whilst you're at it, pre-order Slave To Sensation by Nalini Singh. It's sad, but I have it already without the time to read it.  


Marjorie M. Liu: Shadow Touch

I liked Tiger Eye better, though I probably should have waited  bit before reading his. I think I didn't space the books widely enough.

Artur wasn't a standout hero, but Elena's passion for healing rang true.

I'm hoping that the next book, The Red Heart of Jade, is better, otherwise Marjorie goes to the no-buy list.


Am I a RFG?

 You Might Be a Fan Girl If

. . .You own more than one copy of a book. (Well, sort of. Since JR Ward is sending me another copy Lover Eternal)

. . .You have emailed or mailed a gushing letter of praise to an author. (Yup. Not often, but every now and then)

. . .You belong to and participate in discussion at an author’s website or listserv. (I'm devoted to a couple of author blogs, and I'm on a couple of author messageboards)

. . .You have voted in a contest as the behest of an author. (nope)

. . .You have rearranged an author’s books at a store to give her greater visual exposure. (Nope)
. . .You have given “conversion” packages of an authors’ works to another reader. (Nope. Mostly I order Audrey to buy 'em) 

. . .You have written fan fiction based upon an author’s works. (I'm anti-fanfic, so a resounding no) 

. . .You have given a 5 star review at just to counter negative ratings. (Never)
. . .You have named yourself after a favorite chacter, such as Mrs. Wolf MacKenzie. (Never) 

. . .You see an author’s book at the store but refuse to buy it because it could hurt the author’s bestseller numbers or you buy it and go back and buy a second copy on the release date. (I don't think so–I want the book and I want it now!)
. . .You know the street date of an author’s books and what it means. (Yeah)
. . .You have reported a store for violating a street date. (Nah) 

. . .You have pretended to be more than one person commenting on someone’s blog in defense of your favorite author. (Hell no!) 

Courtesy of Jane from DearAuthor.

Hm… Do I need to work on my RFG cred, ladies?  


Holly Lisle: Last Girl Dancing

I loved this book.

I wasn't going to get it because I read her first romantic suspense (Midnight Rain) and didn't like it, even though her fantasy books are top-notch. But I won a copy from PBW.

I'd have regretted not getting this book.

So many authors give their heroes and heroines tortured pasts. But they don't feel tortured.

Jessie and Hank do. And Last girl Dancing is the story of them breaking free from it.

The Ending? Wow!

I totally can't wait for Holly's next release, I See You.