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To: Meghan with a H

Dear Meghan with a H,

Colleen Gleason is looking for you. Especially if you have a birthday coming up real soon.

See, she got drunk (I worry about her sometimes) when she was out with friends, and signed and personalized a copy of Rises The Night like this:

Meghan–Happy Birthday!!!

Unfortunately, she was supposed to write something else. *shakes head* She only had a few drinks…and she did something like that?

Colleen‘s never going to get into the Richelle Mead School of Publishing and Writing (RMSPW for short). It’s very sad. I was looking forward to having a classmate–we would be the first class of the RMSPW to graduate. Just think. We would have been pioneers!

Rises The Night has got vamps, stakes and a kick-ass heroine. So Meghan with a H who Sucks Blud, please contact Colleen Gleason forthwith to get your copy and learn all about Venators and how to avoid getting Staked by them. 😉

Yours Sincerely, May

PS And if your 2007 birthday has passed, Meghan with a H, tell Colleen that you will have a 2008 birthday. 😉


Raine Weaver is a Villain

The Reeking Wallaby attacked me. *cries*

*sniffles* *but the sniffle is from the bug she was given to her by the Reeking Wallaby*

Her statement of intent can be found here.


I demand that the Insanity Posse track her down forthwith and keep her under house arrest in her Secret Garden, to prevent her from spreading her icky germs around the blogosphere. We still have time to stop an epidemic!

PS This is why there’s no TT today. Because I took the drugs and crashed. No writing either, for the second day in a row, damn it.


The Beth Williamson Round-up

The Introduction. Our friendly author is Battifully Wonder Wonderfully Batty indeed.

The Guestblog. The Bat(ty Wonder) flies out of the laptop. Yes. She can travel through the internet and pop out of your laptop. Be afraid. Be very very very afraid.

The Excerpt. This happens to be one of my fave scenes in the book.

The Review. I suspect that The Legacy lost at least half a point for being what it is: a Western.

The Cowboy Invasion, Pt II. Shannon Stacey has lost all of my respect. She said she would get her revenge…but where is she? She’s nowhere in sight, probably scared off by Beth’s guns.

The Contest Winner…is Becky, the Cowgirl Rebel! You’re a girl after my rebellious heart, alright. Now contact Beth to get your prize which is a download from Beth‘s backlist.

Thanks be to Beth Williamson for guestblogging and doing a giveaway.

Her upcoming releases include Marielle’s Marshal (August 31st), Devils on Horseback: Nate (September 25th), and Branded (November 6th), all from Samhain Publishing.

In the meantime, stay in touch with her by visiting her blog for your regular does of Battiness from the Batty Wonder.

PS I swear. I posted this yesterday…but it decided not to post!


This blog is rated…R!!!

Beth, I should have posted that HOT HOT HOT excerpt. Damn it.

I mean…look!

Online Dating


  • sex (6x)
  • hell (4x)
  • sexy (2x)
  • whore (1x)

I can’t believe I only used those words so few times. Okay. I can believe I only used whore once. I did talk about a sexy book called HO quite a bit though.

And I can’t believe that those few times earned me an R rating.

So to make myself feel like I deserve an R rating:

Sex sex sex sex sex sex

Hell hell hell hell hell hell

Sexy sexy sexy sexy sexy

Whore whore whore whore whore


Beth Williamson: The Legacy

Noah Calhoun always felt like an outsider in the Malloy family, even though he’d been legally adopted at age fifteen by Nicky, the only sister in the pack. After an accident nearly kills his father, Tyler, Noah decides to leave and find his own place in the world. Using the skills his ex-bounty hunter father taught him, Noah finds a job as a small town sheriff. Rosalyn Benedict didn’t need a fresh-faced do-gooder sheriff trying to help her. She’d been surviving just fine on her own. Living on the streets since she was a child, Rosalyn was smarter, tougher, and stronger than most people ever hope to be.

With her stubbornness or his pigheadedness, will Noah and Rosalyn find that one place where they both belong?

One of the best things about The Legacy is how clearly Noah’s and Rosalyn’s voices are differentiated, especially Rosalyn’s.

Most of my favorite parts of the book are told in her POV. There’s just something about Rosalyn’s voice that clicks for me.

Noah is the hero I expected after ‘meeting’ him in the first Malloy book, The Bounty. Great continuity there.

This book essentially has two endings. One is the ending of the Malloy series, and the other is Rosalyn and Noah’s.

It is the ending of the Malloy series that I’ve a quibble with, and admittedly, this is a personal quirk. It irritates me to read endings where everyone’s happy happy happy.

But it’s worth a read, and while I’ve not read books 2-6 of the Malloy series, I think this is a great example of ending a series while the series is still good.

The Legacy rates 3.5 out of 5.


Shannon Stacey does Beth’s Cowboys: Pt. 2 of the Cowboy Invasion

Ooooooh! A brawl on the blog! A Rumble in the Western part of Romancelandia!

Like Beth Williamson, Shannon Stacey‘s latest release is a romance with a Western setting. Taming Eliza Jane is now available from Samhain Publishing.

Beth said that she would be packing her six-guns and her attitude for Pt. 2, so here’s hoping we’ll get to see them in use! If you’re afraid of bullets, go buy a copy of The Legacy and read in bed with your bulletproof quilt.

Tom Selleck

Beth: Nobody is a bigger, sexier cowboy than Tom. He’s starred in a number of westerns and melts my butter each and every time. I loved Quigley Down Under and The Sacketts – serious western fair. Hands down, he’s got to be the yummiest one.

Shannon: I’m not a huge fan of Tom’s work, but when you combine him with a Louis L’Amour story some kind of chemistry happens that causes me to start drooling. He was fabulous as Orrin Sackett, and I have huge fangirl love for Crossfire Trail.

Beth: I have to say that Sam’s biggest appeal is that voice. OMG – talk about a panty twister. Lord above, that man could recite the phone book and make me hot. Fabulous cowboy – in some of my favorite movies too like Conagher and The Quick and the Dead.

Shannon: With apologies to the Duke, I think Sam is the greatest on-screen cowboy ever. And, yes, that voice—I get shivers just thinking about it. I first fell in love with him as Tell Sackett, and he man just gets better with age. (He would have been my number one choice had Beth not snapped him up.)

Oh my, the brawl’s going to start any time now!

Beth: What can I say? I fell in love with in in LOTR, then came Hidalgo. That man can ride a horse – his seat is phenomenal. I watch that movie over and over just to see him on a horse. That swagger, that drawl. Sigh…

Shannon: I have to be honest—I spent most of Hidalgo hoping the horse would buck Viggo off and pound him into the sand. The guy didn’t deserve what the horse was willing to give him, and I just hated the story. I will admit he looked mighty fine in that saddle, though. *g*

Where’s the attitude, Beth? And the six-guns? And the brawl?

Someone answer this question for me!

You could win a Beth download (comes with a dose of Beth‘s Battiness…free of charge!) and some gorgeous bookmarks!


Extracting The Legacy by Beth Williamson

When Noah Calhoun finds his place in the world, he discovers a woman who makes him whole.

Book Seven of the Malloy family series

Noah Calhoun always felt like an outsider in the Malloy family, even though he’d been legally adopted at age fifteen by Nicky, the only sister in the pack. After an accident nearly kills his father, Tyler, Noah decides to leave and find his own place in the world. Using the skills his ex-bounty hunter father taught him, Noah finds a job as a small-town sheriff.

Rosalyn Benedict didn’t need a fresh-faced do-gooder sheriff trying to help her. She’d been surviving just fine on her own. Living on the streets since she was a child, Rosalyn was smarter, tougher and stronger than most people ever hope to be.

With her stubbornness and his pigheadedness, will Noah and Rosalyn find that one place where they both belong?

Because of a mix-up (namely me), the review will be up pretty late. But I’m not the best reviewer out there, and I think the excerpt will do a better job of selling The Legacy. So read on!

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Beth Williamson Flies Like a Bat(ty Wonder)…out of the Lap-top?

Note: Beth originally titled it Coming Out…of the Laptop? but I decided to get a little creative…

I don’t think I’d call it a closet, per se, but coming out of the laptop I’ve hidden behind (I’m not a shiny stripper like Shannon dammit). You see, many people don’t know I write sensual/erotic romance (it’s all in what words you want to use). I live in the middle of what’s called the bible belt in North Carolina with a Baptist church on every corner (there’s one on the other side of my back yard – eep!). So I’ve kept mostly quiet the last two and a half years since I’ve been published.

Until recently anyway. That’s when I decided to ah, come clean. *snerk*

One of the ladies in my neighborhood found out I wrote romance novels and she loooves them (so she’s automatically my peep). I told her my pen name and that I had four books in print (at the time). When I ran into her months later, she told me she’d bought The Treasure and loved it. I was pleased silly and thanked her.

Then she decided to pick my book for the neighborhood book club. It’s a small neighborhood, about 20 houses or so. At first they didn’t invite me to the book club (WTF?) – suffice it to say that my status as a published author intimidated them. *snort* As if I am in any way, shape, or form intimidating. As they’re looking at the book, they’re all like what is that red writing? Um, that means there’s sex in it. *hoots of laughter* They read the back cover blurb and everyone joins in with more hoots and hollers. “Bring it on!” they all shout.

Ahem, so I uh, came out of the laptop. *BG*

So they read The Treasure , book 4 in the Malloy family series. Sex wise, it’s not the tamest, but definitely not the hottest of the books. It’s explicit, for sure, but the sex is all in the context of the story.

Anyhoo, everyone was tittering and giggling. I got more than one remark like “Who knew? Quiet you writes sexy books?”

I brought buttons, bookmarks and a copy of the next book in the series, The Gift, as a doorprize.

Let me just say my book club blew me away.

These ladies are READERS, real honest-to-God readers that spend a great deal of their spare time reading. Except for one or two of these ladies (13 in all were there), none of them read romance. I felt like a million dollars when I heard them talking about how much they loved the story, that my characters were so real to them. It was freakin’ awesome!

Now I’ve stepped forward at work and told everyone I wrote spicy novels with lots of sex. “These ain’t your mama’s bodice rippers.” *LOL*

So here I am, full of piss and vinegar, and a triumph in my own little book club and announcing to all and sundry that I wrote hot, sexy shit. Personally people see the sweet, innocent side of me and think, nope, can’t be.

Oh but it can. I’ve got a dark, passionate side that comes out at night. *cue the Barry White song* You’ve only to crack the cover of my book (no pun intended there) to see just how far I can go.

Or is that come?

Beth Williamson

The Legacy will be released today from Samhain Publishing

Her upcoming releases include Marielle’s Marshal (August 31st), Devils on Horseback: Nate (September 25th), and Branded (November 6th), all from Samhain Publishing.

She also blogs at Writers Across Time and Passionate Prose.

Remember to comment. There’s a contest!


Introducing Beth Williamson

Beth “Batty Wonder” Williamson says:

My current level of insanity is hovering around a 6 to 7. With my day job, trips, edits, deadlines and just daily life, I’m walking a razor sharp line to the looney bin. 🙂 I work as a technical writer during the day for a software company so it’s full-time (and it pays the mortgage). My career as a romance novelist is relgated to evenings and weekends – someday, of course, I hope it will be my full-time job. Right now it’s like running for the train and always being out of breath, along with constantly having to recharge my laptop battery. LOL!

Six to Seven?

And they call her Batty Wonder?

Let me tell you, six to seven is waaaaaaay low. It’s grounds for being put on probation, but strangely enough, she’s not been reprimanded by the Higher-Ups yet.

Hmm….but that may explain her superpower, which is not a sekrit at all if you’ve ever met her at cons. She creates Batty Situations just by the power of her….BattinessPresence. In other words, she spreads Battiness wherever she goes, keeping her own Battiness relatively low, though it is continuously being regenerated.

She wants to take pole dancing lessons (guess the stripping wasn’t enough for her)…and I worry for her teacher and her classmates. What if she causes the poles to dance instead of she and her classmates dancing with the poles?

She would be outed and dragged to the Lunatic Asylum…or worse to some secret military base. We would have to send the Insanity Posse to rescue her, and well, we don’t currently have enough members to mount a rescue. Not to mention, she might have accidentally caused the security systems to go Batty and then the base collapses. Hopefully not on her though.

So my good deed for the day is to sign people up for pole dancing classes. People who know of Beth’s real identity and understand the need to protect it.

And hey, you could win a download from Beth’s backlist and the complete collection of the Malloy bookmarks! And those bookmarks? Are pretty. If you collect bookmarks, you want them in your collection…trust me on this.


The Annie Dean Round-Up

The Introduction. I’m still not sure that Annie Dean’s a superheroine. She’s all mysterious and sekritive about it. But you know, there’s no better way to hide than to hide in plain sight….Eh, Annie, you very Devious.

The Guestblog. Oh Mexico, here I come! Or not. It’s hot there. I mean, really hot.

The Excerpt. Oh my… There’s another excerpt here.
The Goodness. Do some good, peeps!

The Contest. Is still ongoing. Will draw a winner tomorrow, NOON EST. If you’re lucky, the timezones are in your favor and you’ll get your copy of Your Alibi, which yours truly hasn’t read yet, before the rest of the world gets their hands on it.

And that’s all folks, for Annie Dean, Not A Pseudonymous Superheroine. 😉

ETA: The drawing will be at Noon EST, not midnight.


Get Your Copy of Stone Maiden!

Stone Maiden is what I’m currently reading.

So opens this extraordinary first novel, a new fantasy in the exotic storytelling tradition of Tales from the Thousand and One Nights. Muir is a slave, the lowest of the low. Yet hers is a magic great enough to shake the earth, great enough to topple kings from their thrones … perhaps even great enough to free the gods from their ancient prisons—if only she can free herself first.

It’s a complex, layered tale, and richly told.

Annie is selling it on Lulu as an ebook and a print book, with the 1 dollar profit of each sale going to Equality Now, to dovetail with the contribution Annie is making to the Nothing But Red anthology.

So get your copy now!


Extracting Your Alibi by Annie Dean

Contest deets at the end of the post.

Addie Alger is stuck with her ex-husband’s credit card debts and a failing bed and breakfast in the middle of nowhere. Her brother-in-law, who refuses to wear pants, won’t move out of room 107, even though her sister died four years ago, and her father is constantly `inventing’ stuff that will, this time for sure, make him the next Ron Popeil.

Deciding all men are jerks, she conceives a brilliant solution to her money woes: For an outlandish fee, she will confirm (although not in a court of law) that a client was, in fact, staying at her bed and breakfast instead of shtupping someone in Atlantic City. Keeping her identity secret becomes increasingly difficult, however, and she learns more than she really wanted to about her friends and neighbors.

Just as she’s ready to swear there are no honest men left in the world, enter Sean Duncan, enraged husband and small-time reporter, whose (soon-to-be-ex) wife utilized Addie’s service more than once. Things are about to get complicated.

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Annie Dean Living In Mexico

Some things about living in Mexico are amazing. I love the Tuesday market stalls, for instance. You can find fresh fruit, vegetables, clothing, cleaning supplies, handwoven baskets, almost anything you can imagine at these roadside markets. The entrepreneurial spirit is alive and well here. People often sell things out of their cars, or just pick a corner and set up a folding table. The police mostly leave them alone, except for very congested areas downtown.The climate is gorgeous as well. Average temperature, year round, is between 60-85F. We don’t have heat or air con at our house, which was built to stay cool and shady even when it’s terribly sunny out. Everything is natural. Consequently, we have fewer colds. There are always flowers blooming here as well. I have roses, bougainvillea, hydrangea in my courtyard, along with a Noche Buena tree, and other blooms for which I don’t know the names. The gardeners bring their carts along the walk, and when they ring the bell, I just point out the ones I think are pretty, and they plant them.

What else is good about life here? Well, my mother in law throws the best parties. Saturday, we went to a bash at her place. They had a band, tables on the terrace, and they cleared the furniture in one of the salons so we could dance. My husband and I boogied for a good hour after dinner. The kids danced too. My little girl performed this wild salsa step with her abuelo that I didn’t even know she could do. Girl got some Shakira in her hips, and she was the center of attention for like fifteen minutes. People actually stopped dancing and ringed her and my father in law to watch their wicked moves. I was like, damn, in five years, she’s gonna be dangerous moving like that.

And that’s the cool thing about parties here. People age, but they don’t seem to get old. I lack a sense of the generational divide. You’ll find a seventy year old grandmother out on the dance floor doing the tango. Everyone drinks, everyone dances, everyone parties. My father in law taught my son how to do shots. Abuelo drank tequila and the boy did shots of diet Sprite. You should have seen him. All of seven years old and he had fifty people cheering him on, shouting, “Todo! Todo! Todo!” while he chugged his Sprite Cero. Much screaming and clapping commenced when he drank it in one gulp. People make kids feel like a part of things here. They aren’t shunted off to back rooms or babysitters. In Mexico, you party with all your friends and family, whatever age they may be.

For me, the not-so-cool part of living here comes in two flavors. First flavor, since I’m not fully fluent in Spanish yet, I have ample opportunities to embarrass myself. For instance, saying “Soy aburrida,” versus “Estoy aburrida,” offers the difference between “I’m boring,” and “I’m bored.” Isn’t that awesome?

I recently found something else out from my language tutor. I had labored under the impression that “Me gusta” works for “I like…(whatever).” Synonymous. Right? Not for everything. It works for things and places, but for people it takes on the connotation of romantic attraction. So if you ask a man, “Te gusta Rodrigo?” you’ve inquired whether he’s sexually drawn to him. I cringe in retrospect. Now I know I need to use “Te cae bien?” instead. I also wish to bitch at the Spaniards. Did you know one word means two things here? Esposa = wife and …you ready? Handcuffs. I was so pissed when I figured that out! My husband remains unwholesomely amused by my outrage to this day.

The second thing that makes me sad about living here is the shortage of English books. My Spanish teacher has assigned me to read Hemingway’s Old Man and the Sea in Spanish, though, so I won’t have time to whine about this much longer. Have ya’ll ever lived in another country? How did you cope with the customs? Feel free to ask anything you want to know about life in Mexico and I’ll do my best to answer.

If you can’t already tell, Annie lives in Mexico. She says so in the first line. 

Comment to enter the contest for a copy of Your Alibi and a USD20 Amazon gift card. Details in the excerpt post. 

By the way, Your Alibi will only be available on Monday from Liquid Silver Books.


Introducing Annie Dean

Is Annie Dean as wild as James Dean was? Maybe. I do know her imagination is surely as wild and as hot.

But perhaps not as insane, since she claims that her Insanity Quotient is just six:

6. Between waiting for news on an impending sale, struggling for some peace and quiet to write while people tromp in and out, and the kids suddenly high maintenance pleas for attention, I desperately need a vacation. Not a family vacation where I wind up more tired than before we left, but a writing retreat. Where I take the trusty Ibook to a quiet spot and stay there for two or three days.

I feel like I should maybe ask one of her blogger friends whether this is the truth. Six is very low for members of the Insanity Posse. I think the current average is about 8.75. Maybe we should do something to up it, just so she’ll fit in better…

But it’s not nice to be mean to superheroines like Annie Dean. She’s so brave, she does the superheroine thang as herself. No hiding behind a silly pseudonym–or so she says.
I did try to get my hands on her superSekrit superheroine file, but that ruined two of my computers (they exploded!). I think maybe she’s hiding something. Like a pseudonym. And what she tells me is her superSekrit superpower.

Or maybe she isn’t really a superheroine. Hmm… This idea has possibilities. I mean, her Insanity Quotient is a mere 6.5!

So, discuss! Is Annie Dean aka Ann Aguirre a superheroine…or is she not?

Boys and girls, though I suppose it’s mostly girls, we have a guestblog, a contest, an excerpt and possibly a review of her first Ann Aguirre title, Stone Maiden, coming up. This time, I’ll even remember to post the copyright notice.


A letter to Shiloh Walker

Dear Shiloh,

I need your help.

Jaynie won’t start PBW‘s StarDoc series. She said that she doesn’t need to buy ten more books–since PBW said she would like to end it at 10.

But in the grand scheme of things, what’s ten more books, right? It’s just ten. She bought 6 books yesterday, so I don’t understand what’s the big deal about ten more books.

Ten more PBW books is a good thing. I don’t have ten more already published PBW books to read. I only 4 left (I don’t read Christian fiction, and…well, I don’t think even for you, PBW), and I’m so desperate to drag them out that I bought book 7, Plague Of Memory, even though the one I really need is Eternity Row. I have since realised that this was a really dumb move, because at some point, I will get Eternity Row, and since I already have Rebel Ice and Plague of Memory, I’ll probably just sit down and spend all day reading them.

Now back to my point, which is that we need to make Jaynie read them too. I’m sure you think this is a good cause, even if you don’t want to be PBW’s Fan Club Prez (come back on July 1st to find out more).

So what should we do?

Best wishes, May

PS Giveaway below from Anya Bast.

PPS Giveaway/Guestblog from Annie Dean, Not A Pseudonymous Superheroine.


Anya Bast: Witch Fire

Mira Hoskins doesn’t know she’s a natural born witch who possesses the rare—and powerful—element of air. She also never expected to find herself tied to a mahogany bed frame, captive to a man who aches to fulfill her every desire and let loose the magick that dwells inside her…Heat emanates from elemental fire witch Jack McAllister. The Coven, a governing authority of witches, has sent him to protect Mira from a band of warlocks who drain witches of power… and life. Long ago, he saw Mira’s parents murdered by this same dark magick. He’d like to quell his guilt and offer her everything she deserves. But she’s the long-lost cousin of his boss—making seduction off-limits.With Jack’s strong guidance, Mira is luring forth her inner magick. But his sense of duty is quickly swelling into insatiable hunger. They warned him about the natural attraction between air and fire. Now he risks being consumed by the woman he shouldn’t want—but can’t stay away from …

I’ve not read Anya‘s work in a few years now.

Witch Fire reminds me again of why I fell in love with her back then, and takes it to a whole new level.

It’s a hot read, to be sure, but where it truly shines is Jack and Mira’s relationship. The conflict’s quite simply, delicious.

I don’t think it’s a terribly long book (I don’t have a print copy, so I can’t tell), yet it felt like I spent several days reading it–I don’t mean that it dragged, because it didn’t. Just that I felt I spent several wonderful days inside it, though it was probably more like two hours.

This rates 4 out of 5.


6 Questions with Anya Bast

The first Anya book I read was Blood of the Raven. Now she’s moved on to the Elemental Witches. I’m still with her, so why haven’t you picked up this fabulous author?

1. On a scale of one to ten, rank your current level of insanity–where ten is belongs-in-lunatic-asylum insane–and tell us why.

At the moment it’s probably about a 9. Normally it’s about a 7, but having two releases out so close together (Whisper of the Blade and Witch Fire) is giving me angina. Not to mention my deadline for Witch Blood that’s rapidly approaching. Oh, and I’m a new mom…ahhhh!

Did I mention there are characters in my subconscious trying to claw their way out? Yup. Right now it’s a solid nine.

In general, I think writers are a little insane to begin with. *g* We sort of have to be to do what we do, you know?

2. Congrats on your new baby! Now, how many points did Baby S add to your score on the insanity scale? *ggg*

Oh, she’s good for at least one and a half points. I would accept more Baby S insanity, though. She’s the love of my life and has permission to make me crazy. *g* My husband has that permission too, but only because I make him insane in return. Hey, it’s a two-way street.

But, yes, having to promote, write, meet deadlines, ect and ect while learning to be a mom for the first time in my life has been a wee bit crazy-making. Worth it, though. I wouldn’t trade a moment or one ounce of new insanity. I really didn’t know my heart could hold this much love.

3. I do adore a good menage. Why do you think women fantasize being in a menage?

Oh, easy…to have all that lovely male attention just focused on YOU. Four hands, two sets of lips, two tongues…ahem. You get the picture. Anyway, men fantasize about being with two women all the time. Turnabout is fair play.

I think too that there’s an element of getting your emotional needs met through more than one individual. Sometimes one man has qualities you love, but lacks others you need. In the fantasy world of fiction, the main character can find another man who possesses those qualities the first one lacks and love him too. Kind of like having your cake and eating it.

The cool thing about reading erotic romance, in my opinion, is that the reader can completely lose herself to the fantasy of it. Especially if it’s a paranormal story, the reader is absolved completely from the restrictions and regulations society tends to place on women and their sexuality. They can indulge their most elicit fantasies through the POV of the heroine in a fantasy world where anything is possible.

4. Do you think there’s a tendency in romance to write menages that don’t have sexual contact between the two men?

I think there are lots of both kinds. I usually write the kind without M/M contact, though I have two (Whisper of the Blade and Twilight in And Lady Makes Three) that have it. But I’m selfish on behalf of heroine for the most part. I want all her to get all that lovely male attention.

Plus, dealing with the three-way romance of the hero, heroine and hero is quite enough, thank you. Add in another layer of emotional depth between the hero and hero and whoa, baby, that’s a lot to get in there.

Not that it can’t be done. Not that it can’t be fun to write and a nice challenge to boot. It’s just that I don’t always want that extra element in there. I have enough to deal with already.

But I do see a lot of ménage a trois romances with m/m contact coming out, so I know they’re being written!

5. What can you share about the anthology that you, together with three other authors, sold to Harlequin Spice?

It’s called What Happens in Vegas…. The other authors are Lauren Dane, Kit Tunstall and Jodi Lynn Copeland. All the stories are contemporary romance and take place in Las Vegas (duh). And all the stories are connected in that each of our characters have something to do with same casino. Lastly, all the stories are highly erotic. It’s scheduled for release in March 2008.

My story, The Deal, is about a blackjack dealer who makes a series of erotic bets with a female friend of his, a friend to whom he’s been attracted sexually for a long time. It was a blast to write and I really enjoyed working with the other authors in the anthology. I think highly of all of them. Hopefully we’ll be working on a sequel together!

6. Vamps, faeries, and now witches. You’ve done it all, and quite a few wonderful fantasy romances too. Are we ever going to see a plain, old contemporary from you?

Well, I do write plain old contemporaries sometimes…er, kinda. Edge of Sweetness lacks a paranormal element and is a contemporary. It’s also a pretty hot BDSM story, so I don’t know if that counts.

And The Deal, in the above mentioned Harlequin Spice anthology is also a non-paranormal contemporary story. However, again, very hot.

So I guess I can write plain old contemporary, but it has to be erotic.

I dunno, I like writing paranormal best, I guess. I love the worldbuilding you get to do with those. Maybe I have a Goddess complex. I love the escape from the ordinary they provide and the way I can let my imagination run away with me when I write them.

I still need to write a shifter romance! Haven’t done that yet, but for the free stories I write for my newsletter subscribers.

Anya Bast blogs, is a Maverick Author and a member of After Midnight Fantasies. Her current releases are Whisper of the Blade (from Ellora’s Cave) and Witch Fire, which is just out.

Witch Blood, the sequel to Witch Fire, has a tentative release date of March 2008.

Anya, in her utter fabulousness, has agreed to giveaway a signed copy of Witch Fire. Comment in this post or on the Witch Fire review to be entered. Everyone is eligible, even if you have won something here before, and it will be open for three days.

Thanks Anya!



Even though this is my blog, I don’t always see it as my place to share my point of view, believe it or not. I’d honestly rather that you take what I say with many grains of salt (unless I’m raving about a book, in which case you should get your ass out to the stores and buy it *ggg* even if you are JM Carr).

In a sense, there’s the Blog-Me and there’s Me-Minus-Blog-Me. Me-Minus-Blog-Me doesn’t really get the let it all hang out mentality of Blog-Me.

Once in awhile, it’s not that I have Nopinion, but rather that I’ve an Opinion, and decided to shut up about it. It’s a good thing that like PBW, I like to write, and draft and redraft–by the time this goes up, it will have been through half a dozen rewrites, and my Romancing The Blog posts often have more. Otherwise… *shakes head* I’ve a temper, and occasionally it runs away from me. So yeah, I do sometimes censor myself.

The more important, I think, reason is simply that I often have Nopinion (unless it’s about books, because when it comes to books, I’m always right *ggg* unless you’re JM Carr).

Take Jaid Black. She gives her side of the story on JaynieR‘s blog, and KarenS discusses it on her own blog as well.

Me, I think Ms Black is brave to talk about it so openly, but I also see that there is a reason why bravery is often a synonym for stupidity–FYI, I do admire Ms Black for what she has achieved. Perhaps the right word is foolishness, not stupidity.

But I’ve Nopinion about what Ms Black actually said. In some ways, I’m more curious about what other people think of what she said than anything else.

That’s mostly why I started The Stalker and Wednesday Web Wanderer, because it’s not much of a blog post if I just post a something with one link and that’s it.

I’ll also take the opportunity to say this: I’d love it if you guys came back more often to tell me what you think of the blogs/articles etc I’ve linked to.

And no, I’m not planning to change my blog title to Nopinionista. 😉 But the original one is quite a good read, and this is one of my favorite Opinionista posts.

PS I don’t have anything against JM. She’s very nice, and hopefully she’ll forgive me for poking fun at her. To understand why I’ve mentioned her twice, please check out the comments in this post.


It’s Nearly Over

Well, except for one paper anyway.

Today’s Econs 6 paper went surprisingly well. I don’t know whether I’m just relieved that it’s over or whether I really did well in this paper. Naturally, I hope it’s the latter, especially since yesterday’s chemistry papers have Disaster written all over them.

Plus, yesterday? I told someone to make a dry caramel without adding sugar when I actually meant without adding water. God only knows what I wrote in the chemistry papers. I guess the most I can hope for is that the examiners laugh at me. Sigh. If they cry, I’m going to fail for sure.
Anyway, I’ll have a few other posts up today, and what I have to say will be more interesting than this wee post.

Anya Bast‘s interview will be up tomorrow, and there’s a giveaway involved!

PS Tomorrow, Project Seeing Shiloh‘s Face starts because I’m meeting Jaynie tomorrow!


Laurie Faria Stolarz: Blue Is For Nightmares

“I Know Your Secret . . .”

Stacey’s junior year at boarding school isn’t easy. She’s not the most popular girl at school, or the smartest, or the prettiest. She’s got a crush on her best friend’s boyfriend, and an even darker secret that threatens to ruin her friendships for good.And now she’s having nightmares again. Not just any nightmares – these dreams are too real to ignore, like she did three years ago. The last time she ignored them, a little girl died. This time they’re about Drea, her best friend who’s become the target of one seriously psycho stalker.

It started with weird e-mails and freaky phone calls. Now someone’s leaving Drea white lilies – the same death lilies that have been showing up in Stacey’s dreams. Everybody thinks it’s just a twisted game . . . until another girl at school is brutally murdered.

There are no witnesses. Worst of all, no one has a perfect alibi. With everyone as a potential suspect, Stacey turns to the one secret weapon she can trust – the folk magic taught to her by her grandmother. Will Stacey’s magic be strong enough to expose the true killer, or will the killer make her darkest nightmares come true?

It worked for me as a supernatural thriller, not so much as a YA novel.

As a protagonist, Stacey left much to be desired, at least for me. I felt the book didn’t dig deep enough, and that’s why I’m not picking up the next book; I don’t see anything that tells me that Stolarz does dig deeper in the next book.

This rates 3 out of 5.