Links to the Good Stuff

I don’t have time to do this much any more, but there are good things to be had.

Elise Matthesen, aka elisem on LJ, is holding a June Shiny Sale! She’s a jeweller, and she makes the most gorgeous pretties! My Elisian jewelry count is at 1 pendant (Cabinet of Dreams…I need access to my email so I can pay her damn it!), one necklace-crown and one pair of earrings. *beams* I am much accomplished in the jewelry department now.

Jessica’s running contests. This is the last time I’m linking to her, and I’m only doing it because she’s giving away stuff. After this, bah to Jessica! She is gone! I have gotten rid of her!

Romancing The Blog is doing a giveaway. I think the schedule for this one is every other weekend. Also, still on RTB, Barbara Ferrer and I have evil plans so you should read our next columns (I think in July) to find out what they are. You do not want to mess with Barb Ferrer and Me.

1 Response to “Links to the Good Stuff”

  1. June 7, 2008 at 3:37 pm

    LOL Thanks for linking. I just have this secret paranoia that being so gushy will make my friends run for the hills at the gushiness. 😀

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