Well, yesterday was RTB day, but there’s nothing new today–there will be tomorrow, I think, and it’ll sadly cost me my place of honor at the top of the page.

Read what I have to say here.

People seem rather defensive about the ebooks in general, and it goes beyond the format’s early life as a second-choice for publication. I do think that at some point, ebooks will become the one and only, but it may not happen even in my lifetime. But right now? In the near future? Not a chance.

They even ignored what I thought was the most interesting point in the post, except that I didn’t have time to do research to expand it into the main point.



1 Response to “RTB Day”

  1. March 25, 2008 at 9:03 pm

    Part of me likes the idea of ebooks. And you’re right, probably we’ll all be reading them one day. But I’m a page flipper. As in, I’ll go back and reread to catch something and put my fingers in the pages and go back and forth, and then in fantasy if there are maps or glossaries . . . I don’t know that ebook readers are yet equipped for that sort of thing. Can you mark places and flip between them? I do like the idea of more space. But what I would miss with ebooks is the loss of book covers. They’d probably go the way of album cover art–and while cds do have some decent covers, they just aren’t really something I care about anymore.

    Ah well.


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