Jackie Kessler: The Road To Hell

Hell hath no fury like a succubus scorned

Jesse may no longer be a succubus, but she’s got a Hell of a past. She wants to come clean about her infernal history with Paul Hamilton, her white-knight-in-training lover, except he’d never believe her. Just like some people are worth being (shudder) monogamous for, some secrets are worth keeping. So Jesse keeps mum—until three of her former associates strong-arm her into returning to the Pit. Now, unless Jesse faces off against the King of Hell, she’ll lose Paul’s immortal soul. If she’d known love was this tough, she never would have turned her back on Lust…

The Hell On Earth series takes a more serious turn in this book.

It’s a better book than Hell’s Belles in many respects. TRTH relies much less on the strength and appeal of Jezebel’s voice than HB did, which also makes it a book that is much more rereadable than TRTH.

The pacing is better, giving the reader space to breathe and to make the connections that turn TRTH into something more than a funny, romp book.

But for all that Jackie has improved as a writer, TRTH just didn’t have the spark Hell’s Belles did.

The Road To Hell rates 4 out of 5.

PS Jackie sent the ARC to me.


2 Responses to “Jackie Kessler: The Road To Hell”

  1. October 31, 2007 at 12:08 pm

    Thanks for reading THE ROAD TO HELL, May! If I’m improving as a writer, that makes me happy. As for the spark…um, I’ll put some body glitter on Jezebel for the next story. Yeah, that’s it! Body glitter!

    (Oh God, I sense a Mariah Carrey tie-in…gah…)


  2. December 4, 2007 at 12:36 am

    Dear Milady,

    I enjoyed Jackie’s second book, too — even more than her first, which I liked quite a lot.

    I would welcome the opportunity to send you an ARC of my forthcoming (1/8/08) urban fantasy novel BLACK MAGIC WOMAN for possible review.

    For more info about the book, see either my website or the publisher’s page devoted to it:


    If you’d care to send your real name and snail-mail address to my email address above, I’ll get one right out to you.


    Justin Gustainis

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