6 Questions with Jezebel

Jezebel, the star of the Hell on Earth series, is here, to give us some tips on being…Wicked!

1. On a scale of one to ten, rank your current level of insanity-where ten is belongs-in-lunatic-asylum insane-and tell us why.

Me? I’m perfectly sane. Except for when I think I might be going crazy. Being a former demon can be tough on the “This Is Normal For Mortals” radar. I mean, most humans don’t see auras, right? Or converse with demons regularly? Or get accosted by angels in the bathroom? Or really mean it when they tell someone to “Go to Hell,” right? Um. So I guess I’m either a 1 or a 10, depending on whom you ask.

2. You managed to resist Daunuan’s attentions. Think there are any lessons there us girls can learn in order to apply to that box of chocolate?

Yeah: Don’t ever fuck an incubus, unless you want to die a nasty, icky, painful death. Sure, getting there is a lot of fun – bless me, a LOT of fun – but the little death of an orgasm pales before the big death of…well, death. Don’t do it. Even if you really, really, really want to. Something else: demons don’t love. They can’t. They’re not wired that way. Only humans can. And sex without love is…well, a lot of fun, granted, but it’s also fleeting. True love is the real thing. And that makes the sex go from “spectacular” to “earth moving.” Hold out for true love. Trust me, it’s worth it.

3. Wicked Succubus versus Nice Succubus. Who’s going to win that girlfight?

If it’s a girlfight, the Nice Succubus. If it’s a demonfight, the Wicked Succubus.

4. What’s the one ‘human thing’ that you hate so much, you’d almost give up your soul for?

Periods. Man, those suck. The blood is cool-and seeping from a very awesome place, might I add-but the cramps and the bloating? Ugh. And no sex for five or so days? Ugh!

5. It’s a man’s world out there. From your point of view as a new…umh, newly-turned human, is that true or false?

That is so precious. I’ve heard that before. And it gets funnier every time I hear it. It’s the human world. (Which, by the way, looks more and more like Hell with every passing day. No, that’s not a compliment.)

6. Your Creator has turned her attention to Daunuan. Are you jealous, or are you cheering her on because you want to see Daun get his come-uppance?

About fucking time she got her focus off of me. Do you know what she just did to me? Sure, she tells me it’s just going to be a road trip for me and Paul, a nice little romantic weekend getaway for us, with absolutely nothing bad or Hellish about it. Yeah, right. She wrote it up in a novella called A HELL OF A TIME, and that’s coming out in April 2008 as part of Kensington’s ETERNAL LOVER anthology. Thank Gehenna that Daun has to deal with her for a whole book. That’s HOTTER THAN HELL, which comes out in August 2008. Wow, I thought Jackie hated me-my Dear Creator must despise Daun, based on what she puts him through. He’s just a dumb demon, but you have to feel sorry for him. Sort of. Well…okay, not at all. He deserves everything that she does to him. Everything. Stick your horn in that, incubus! Hah!

Jezebel can be found blogging at the Magical Minxes. To find the excerpts of her books, including the newly released The Road To Hell, please click here.

Her Creator, Jackie Kessler, blogs on her website.


2 Responses to “6 Questions with Jezebel”

  1. October 30, 2007 at 6:11 pm

    Thanks for interviewing Jezzie! You realize her ego is now bigger than her sex drive, right?

  2. October 30, 2007 at 9:23 pm

    *snicker* Hey, I don’t live with her, so it’s okay!

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