If You Don’t Like My Opinion…

Too fucking bad. Read another blog or something.

I don’t like the HEA requirement.

It’s not that I think HEAs should be banned. Just that a book shouldn’t have to have one to be a romance.

No, I’m not a happy camper at the moment. A pity I don’t have time to play or I’d seriously consider starting a flame war, and you know who you are.


4 Responses to “If You Don’t Like My Opinion…”

  1. September 30, 2007 at 10:01 pm

    ??? No idea what I missed. Sounds interesting.

    I kind of have two opinions on this. There are books I consider very romantic and very good love stories, but not romances; Wuthering Heights, Romeo and Juliet, A Walk To Remember.

    But when I look for the falling-in-love, happily-ever-after, end it on a sigh reading experience, I don’t want to end the book with the heroine, say, dead, and the hero bravely going on without her. The label “romance” usually guarantees me that it won’t end that way.

    Of course if you want to get technical, what we call “romance” hasn’t meant what it currently means all that long. Herman Melville described Moby Dick as a romance. Maybe the meaning is shifting again.

  2. September 30, 2007 at 10:10 pm

    Um, you ok May? Need us to send you anything over there? Maybe some chocolate cake to help with your blood pressure? LOL 😀 Miss you.

  3. October 1, 2007 at 7:53 am

    I’m confused about what prompted this, but… you’re entitled to your opinion.

    For me, if I pick up a book labeled a “romance,” I expect at the very least a happy-for-now. Yet, I’ve read some books lately that were published as romance where there wasn’t much of a romantic subplot at all, or the character introduced as the hero even died. In some cases, I liked the books anyway but I was annoyed because it wasn’t what I expected.

    But, that’s why I’ve taken to reading only certain authors I know will give me what I’m looking for if I’m looking for “comfort” romance. I can’t trust that just by picking up a book labeled Romance anymore, and while it doesn’t bother me (primarily a fantasy reader) to a huge extent — I imagine it sure tee’s off other readers who have a very set idea of what Romance means.

  4. October 2, 2007 at 12:51 pm

    All I know is that I’m exhausted enough when I pick up a book at the end of the day that I want some relaxation in it. I can sympathise/empathise/cry bucketloads with the angst and wickedness, I can savour the book over a several nights. But nothing is going to keep me more twisted up and tense than reading a romance without an HFN/HEA. If I want one of those, I’ll read them at other times. But, when the lights are low and I’m drifting into the night, I want something I can depend on. And a “Romance” with an HFN/HEA it is.

    Btw, can you say who/what set you off?

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