Charlene Teglia: Wild Wild West

In one of the most searingly erotic Westerns ever penned, Charlene Teglia breaches uncharted territory. But reader beware: this tale is hotter than hell. The faint of heart should turn back now…Three city girls from Seattle are enjoying a night out at a chic coffee house in downtown Missoula, Montana, the heart of the old West. When a gang of cowboys mosey in looking for trouble, they find trouble of the best kind… and these boys are primed and ready to ride. There’s Gabe, a hard-bodied rancher who’s discovered some imaginative new uses for rope. Chet, a rodeo cowboy who’s charmed the pants off more than a few country girls and vows to remain a bachelor for life. And Reuben, a former Army ranger with a taste for edgy sexual games. As the couples embark on a scorching night of passion and play, they experience the most exquisite pleasure—and discover kinky new thrills they never dared to imagine. Because when it comes to knocking boots, cowboys do it best…

Great start, meh middle and fabulous ending.

Or, since it’s a trio of novellas, great first novella, meh second and fabulous third.

What I can’t get past about this book is that the journeys for all the heroines are too similar. Charlene does a good job of making each of them feel fresh again, and I’m certainly going to pick up her next St. Martin’s title (the extract at the back’s looking good), but it’s a big part of the reason why Wild Wild West gets 3.5 instead of 4.

I’d consider paying mass market cover price for just A Man’s Word is His Bondage and Reuben’s Rules. They are scorching hot, terribly readable and I think Reuben’s Rules might grow into a keeper for me.

Wild Wild West rates 3.5 out of 5.

A Man’s Word is His Bondage

It’s a fabulous read. AMWIHB is funny, and that type of spicy-sexy that makes a woman giggle, maybe blush and wish it was happening to you.

And Gabe’s the perfect fantasy. Unfortunately, that is also his flaw as a character: he’s too perfect. Moreover, whilst it was just dreamy that he fell in love with Willow at first sight, I would have liked for Charlene to delve into his motivation a whole lot more.

To be fair, the same can be said about Willow, but Willow makes a journey, making a decision that she hadn’t dared too in the beginning.

Ready To Play

It fell flat, after the pageturner that was AMWIHB. I put it down (metaphorically, since Charlene sent me an e-copy) too easily, and it was too hard to pick it up again.

And the thing is, I don’t know why, because it appears to be as well written as AMWIHB.

Reuben’s Rules

RR is absolutely my favorite novella of the three.

I think it just manages to dig deeper into the h/h relation than in the other two novellas, and whilst I might very well want to hit Reuben’s head with a frying pan were I Laura, in the context of the novella…*fans herself* He is soooooo hot!


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  1. August 9, 2007 at 2:46 am

    Reuben seems to be emerging as the popular favorite. *g* Although there are dissenters; Gwen at TGTBATU liked the middle best! Thanks for reading and reviewing, May.

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