To: Meghan with a H

Dear Meghan with a H,

Colleen Gleason is looking for you. Especially if you have a birthday coming up real soon.

See, she got drunk (I worry about her sometimes) when she was out with friends, and signed and personalized a copy of Rises The Night like this:

Meghan–Happy Birthday!!!

Unfortunately, she was supposed to write something else. *shakes head* She only had a few drinks…and she did something like that?

Colleen‘s never going to get into the Richelle Mead School of Publishing and Writing (RMSPW for short). It’s very sad. I was looking forward to having a classmate–we would be the first class of the RMSPW to graduate. Just think. We would have been pioneers!

Rises The Night has got vamps, stakes and a kick-ass heroine. So Meghan with a H who Sucks Blud, please contact Colleen Gleason forthwith to get your copy and learn all about Venators and how to avoid getting Staked by them. 😉

Yours Sincerely, May

PS And if your 2007 birthday has passed, Meghan with a H, tell Colleen that you will have a 2008 birthday. 😉


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