The Beth Williamson Round-up

The Introduction. Our friendly author is Battifully Wonder Wonderfully Batty indeed.

The Guestblog. The Bat(ty Wonder) flies out of the laptop. Yes. She can travel through the internet and pop out of your laptop. Be afraid. Be very very very afraid.

The Excerpt. This happens to be one of my fave scenes in the book.

The Review. I suspect that The Legacy lost at least half a point for being what it is: a Western.

The Cowboy Invasion, Pt II. Shannon Stacey has lost all of my respect. She said she would get her revenge…but where is she? She’s nowhere in sight, probably scared off by Beth’s guns.

The Contest Winner…is Becky, the Cowgirl Rebel! You’re a girl after my rebellious heart, alright. Now contact Beth to get your prize which is a download from Beth‘s backlist.

Thanks be to Beth Williamson for guestblogging and doing a giveaway.

Her upcoming releases include Marielle’s Marshal (August 31st), Devils on Horseback: Nate (September 25th), and Branded (November 6th), all from Samhain Publishing.

In the meantime, stay in touch with her by visiting her blog for your regular does of Battiness from the Batty Wonder.

PS I swear. I posted this yesterday…but it decided not to post!


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