Portia da Costa: The Tutor

‘David’s ready, Rosie,’ said Celeste. ‘His hormones are driving him crazy. We’ve got to do something about it.’


She handed Rosie her drink and watched her intently as she sipped it. ‘Oh, come on, Rosie,’ she said finally. ‘You know why you’re here.’

‘But I’m a librarian,’ Rosie protested. ‘What on earth can I do?’

When Rosalind Howard becomes Julian Hadey’s private librarian, she soon finds herself attracted by his persuasive charms and distinguished appearance. He is an unashamed sensualist, a man of wealth and intellect who, together with his libidinous wife, Celeste, has hatched an intriguing challenge for their new employee.

As well as cataloguing their extensive archive of erotica, Rosie is expected to educate Celeste’s young and beautiful cousin in the arts of erotic love. Having led a sheltered life, the young man is simmering with youthful passion. In luxurious surroundings, they find themselves drawn into increasingly decadent scenarios where experimental sex is on the menu and likeminded libertines reap the rewards of unbridled desire.

I felt that Rosie’s transformation into a very sexually-aware woman was very well done, and as for the sex…It is Portia Da Costa we’re reading here. ;)At the same time, it was Julian and Celeste I really wanted to read about. Oh for characterization, plot etc, Rosie is probably more interesting, but for titillation purposes, I can’t help but wonder if Julian and Celeste would be more…yummy.

This rates 3.5 out of 5.


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