First Book Issues

JM Carr says that she is “intrigued by the fact that nearly all of the reviews and discussion threads I’ve read make a big point of the fact that the flaws of the book are typical first book flaws.” (she is talking about Anna Campbell’s Claiming The Courtesan)

For me, first book issues are issues that I believe the author will grow out of quickly, even though they detract from my enjoyment of a debut novel.

I bolded ‘grow out of quickly‘ because I think this is key. After all, if they don’t grow out of it quickly, then it’s not going to be only a first book issue.

So when I say that a book has first book issues, I am implying that I think the author will get better pretty quickly. Some might consider it a backhanded compliment or criticism, or both even, I suppose.

There are a couple of common first book issues. Weak pacing is a common one, at least for me. The first half of the book is often stronger than the second half.

The reverse can also be true. Books that feel rushed, for instance, and books whose authors I’ll read again simply because of a great ending, if I manage to get past a slow start.

Are they problems that ‘break’ the book? No. But they are problems that, if they continue to exist in an author’s later books, will break me of habitually picking up that author’s next book.

Shanna Swendson guestblogs on Alison Kent’s blog today. *beams* I do adore her books.

And Megan Hart‘s interview is up tomorrow! She can’t remember what she told me, and I can’t either. But you can bribe me into not posting it if you are afraid that you’ve said stuff that you don’t want me to post.

I also have a post up on RTB tomorrow, aka the post I’ve been whining on and on and on and on about lately.

Note to self: Email Janine. And Megan. Mad plans AFOOT! Mad Megan will fit right in.


1 Response to “First Book Issues”

  1. 1 Megan Hart
    April 19, 2007 at 11:42 am

    haha, I can’t say I’ve never said anything I wish I hadn’t, but I’m pretty sure I’m okay with what I said in the interview…

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