Elaine Cunningham: Shadows In The Starlight

Gwen “Gigi” Gellman, a ten year veteran of the Providence, Rhode Island vice squad, finds herself on the outs and unemployed after a bust goes bad, resulting in a bloodbath.

Gigi started her life as a foundling and is used to being on her own. She has scraped together enough of a nest egg to start her own PI business specializing in runaways and “family problems.”

Now Gigi is involved in the case of a missing wife and child. Knowing the husband involved, she initially dismisses the matter as good sense on the wife’s part, only to discover a pattern of lies and deceptions and a mystical past. As her investigation progresses, otherworldly powers try to intercede, and soon Gigi finds not only her own life threatened, but those of her friends and family as well.

I like Shadows In The Starlight better than I did the first book in the series, Shadows In The Darkness.

I think being able to see the overarching plotline made this book a better read for me, and I definitely want to read the next book. But something more had better happen in the next book or I’m dropping the series.

Some characters that fell flat for me in the the previous book are now very, very intriguing. Especially Ian Forest. Ooh Ian.

Gwen gets more interesting, and I really want to know how she’s going to deal with the things that are being hidden from her.

This rates 3.5 out of 5.


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