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Thursday Thirteen: Me and the Mark Twain philosophy

This is in honor of Jane saying that I live by the Mark Twain philosophy.

1. The Mark Twain philosophy: Whenever you find yourself on the side of majority, it’s time to pause and reflect.

2. I suppose it’s true. I like to argue.

3. And I like being the underdog. We shall see who can shout louder–probably me because I am loud. Not ladylike at tall.

4. Playing the devil’s advocate is fun.

5. I’ve a long and well-documented history of doing a different question from the rest. That is, given the choice of two questions, I’ll probably do the question less people do. This is without discussion, like in exams.

6. So I guess I do see things differently. That’s mostly a good thing. Unless, you know, you don’t want to get flamed–I’ve not gotten flamed before, and hope that I never will. But it might be fun. Fun is important to having a happy life.

7. I’d like to think that I do ask interesting questions to the authors who’ve been kind enough to let me interview them. Maybe 6 helps?

8. I’m very very honest. I’ll say the things people don’t want to hear, if I think they’ll listen. No point wasting my time and energy otherwise.

9. If they don’t like what I have to say, they can get lost. Or they can argue intelligently with me. I don’t mind. Ask Angie. I’ve not blocked her from commenting yet. *g*

10. And, well, to keep number 8 true, I think people are mostly stupid irrational. This applies to me as well.

11. Therefore the majority is probably wrong, and why you should be on the side of the minority. Be the underdog!

12. This is why I like economics. In your little world, you’re right and everyone else is wrong. *g*

13. Gee. I’ve run out of stuff. Do you know that I’ve not actually read Huckleberry Finn? Or the book about Tom? Is it the same book? Yeah. My classics education is severely lacking.

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Wednesday Web Wanderer

Racy Li and Anne Douglas are joining the Richelle Mead School of Writing and Publishing. The school motto is Drink Hard and Drink Lots (especially on release day). *g*

Alison Kent‘s a Paperback Reader reviewer. I can’t wait to see her first review! By the way, if you ever visit her in her home, you can steal books from her. She’s got so many, I don’t think she’ll notice. 😀

Melissa Marr‘s Fun with Moral Relativism. Great post. Also, she’s evil and stay away from her–but buy Wicked Lovely.
Paperback Writer on Strange Fruit.  Strange fruit be yummy yummy. Justine Larbalestier has good taste.

Lara Adrian is offering bookmarks and magnets. I want the bookmarks. I just collect them. I’ve got a nice collection that’s growing, and if you want to donate, tell me! FYI, if you want my opinion, the smaller ones are better. Don’t make them so big that you can’t stick them in paperbacks without sticking out.

Gena Showalter’s doing a contest, and so’s Brett Battles.

Bruce Bortz: On why Bancroft Press won’t be entering the NBA this year

Maureen McHugh on Taste. Are you a supertaster too?


News, News read all about it!

Alison Kent is now a Paperback Reader reviewer!

Clicky here.


DNF is Just That

Janine talks about The DNF Dilemma on Dear Author.

DNF is not a grade I give out. If I review something, I’m damn well going to finish it, no matter how painful it gets–thank goodness I’ve not met an ARC that’s really painful yet. But I am able to push through to the end with good chocolate in hand. *g* That’s my magic fortitude pill!

I know I do this because I write, and if someone reviews something I’ve written, I’d like to believe that the reviewer read the whole thing. Moreover, sometimes it’s “It’s not you, it’s me”, like KristieJ said.

I also feel that DNF has a very very negative connotation and that there are people who think DNF and Wallbanger is the same thing. It’s not for me. If it was a wallbanger, believe me, I’d tell the world that it was a wallbanger.

I DNF a lot of literary fiction–I finish maybe 30-40% of literary novels I pick up at the library–because it’s not really my kind of thing, despite my obsession with trying to read them. I’m just about ready to DNF an alternate-historical novel–something I hardly ever read. I can’t think of a single thing I couldn’t stand about the book, but it’d simply be a chore to stick with it.

Sometimes it’s voice. This, I think, perhaps one of the most subjective components of writing. I always mention it in a review if I don’t like the author’s voice, because I figure it skews my grade of the book.

Maybe I’m being too kind. But that can’t be right. That’s so utterly wrong I must go force myself through that book I mentioned above that I’m about to DNF so that I can write a scathing review.

Also, do comment on Many Questions with NINJA to enter Racy‘s contest for a copy of NINJA, which is V. good.


Many Questions with Ninja

1. On a scale of one to ten, rank your current level of insanity–where ten is belongs-in-lunatic-asylum insane–and tell us why.

One. I’m perfectly sane. Ninjas have to be. It’s Racy whose bonkers. I’d put her at an eight.

2. What was it like having Racy tell your story? Did she keep trying to make you say overly mushy stuff to Liz?

Racy had to learn many things. Such as the fact that ninjas don’t say mushy stuff.

3. Since I want to hear Ninja say mushy stuff, why is Liz the woman for you?

You’re almost as bad my sister.

Thanks Ninja! Joy’s my role-model!

4. Isn’t it wonderful having a sister? Joy sounds like the best little sister in the world!

Joy needs to stop stealing my bike. And she needs to stop dating losers.

5. Is there something about Aikido’s philosophy that appeals to you?

Aikido is about meeting aggression with mercy. It’s about blending with an opponent’s force and momentum, redirecting that power and using it against them, without hurting them. My father was an Aikido black belt, and it embodied who he was.

I practice it as an homage to him. But it’s not who I am.

6. So then what martial arts do you practice? What philosophy accurately reflects you?

I’m a shadow walker. I’ve studied them all. Use what works.

7. How is a shadow walker different from an ordinary ninja?

A ninja is a ninja. But shadow walkers can go anywhere there are shadows.

8. Anywhere?


9. How about the far side of the moon?

Yes. But then there’s the problem of breathing.

10. Right. How does one become a shadow walker?

Lots of training, lots of focus. Having shadow walking in the genes, helps too.

11. Why aren’t you a part of the superhero organization, the Planetary Protection Agency (PPA)?

Ninjas don’t work well with others. Besides, I don’t wear spandex.

12. Now, if you’re not in the PPA, isn’t it difficult having friends who are?

For them perhaps. By law, they are supposed to bring me in.


I’d like to see them try.

13. Do you really think the Jorans invaded Earth because of the Demon Realm, or is it just some nefarious plot to invade Earth?

I don’t know why the Jorans invaded Earth. I let superheroes like Centurion worry about the Jorans.

I exist because the Snakehead Triad exists.

14. This is the important question. I’m Racy’s critique partner, and I don’t know the answer to this question: Who is Racy planning to send off to a Happy Ever After next?

I’m a ninja, not a psychic.

15. Come on, you can tell us. Is it Jasper? *looks hopeful*

That Cossack? He’s a fool. But knowing Racy, she won’t leave him and Lia alone.

Ninja is the star of Racy Li‘s fabulous debut from Loose-Id of the same title, which releases today! It’s a wonderful book, and if you haven’t fallen in love with him already, what’s wrong with you? *g*

Full disclosure: Racy is my critique partner.

And and and….there’s a contest! A lucky commenter will win a copy of NINJA if you comment before January 30th!


J.M. Carr’s Learnt Lots about Vampires

Clicky here.

*g* She’s just fab.

ETA: More on Vampires


Because I know a lot of people who believe in the HEA

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