What do authors owe readers?

Nothing really.

Check out Paperback Writer’s post, Owesies.

Some of what readers have written to say to her are just…outrageous, IMHO.

Also, I wonder what Shiloh Walker has to say. Her latest release, I’ll Be Hunting You, is part of her Hunters series.

But I’ll Be Hunting You features Tori, the first heroine of the series, because her hero has died.

She’s broken a sort of unspoken rule in romance: all your heroes/heroines live Happily Ever After. If they die, readers don’t want to know.  That said, I admire her for daring to write the story.

I may have to pick it up. I read the first few of the Hunters series, and liked them, then I drifted away from ebooks.


1 Response to “What do authors owe readers?”

  1. January 10, 2007 at 4:23 am

    Shiloh says you need to read it and find out. ;o) geez, i’ve gotten that question a million times already.

    it’s a romance. i promise, cross my heart, a happy ending. a very happy ending.

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