Why Eat to Live When You Can Live to Eat?

I don’t get this, people.

I just don’t understand why people can’t believe that I walked an extra ten minutes to buy something nicer rather than eating something I like less!

Friend: You walked all the way there to buy wantons?

Me: They are yummy. *munches* You try.

Friend: Yes, but they sell them nearer here too.

Me: But these are yummier. Not so greasy too.  *munches contentedly*

Friend: So? *I stuff a wanton into friend’s mouth*

Look, I don’t expect everybody to love food the way I do. I don’t expect everybody to go out of their way to buy food or to spend money on cookbooks and fancy restaurants–not that you need fancy restaurants to find good food.

I know not everybody has the same kind of family I do. I’ve aunts and uncles who call up to find out when we are going back to Malaysia and discuss where they are going to take us to eat. When we’re there, we are in the kitchen, and whilst we are eating one meal, we are discussing where to go for the next. At home, when my mom reads about or catches a food show on TV, we plan to go to that place eventually.

But if the difference is just a ten minute walk? Come on! It’s not an hour away by car or something.

Food feeds one of your senses: Taste. And all the senses can bring you pleasure. Make use of it.

Food doesn’t have to be boring. Food doesn’t have to be just fuel–though I understand that sometimes, that’s what it is. The taste of a plump, red strawberries. The buttery, flakiness of a good pie crust–I am anti mealy crusts.
Even junk food. If you prefer MacDonald’s fries to Burger King’s, would you buy from Burger King or walk ten minutes down the road to MacD’s? For me, there is simply no contest.

I admit I don’t truly understand why other people aren’t the same. I mix with people who are–and if you are one of them, I have one word for you: eGullet. For me, it’s sort of like why people say reading is boring.

But I completely don’t understand how and why someone would be unwilling to walk ten freaking minutes more to eat something she/he likes better!

Sometimes, other humans make me want to scream.


7 Responses to “Why Eat to Live When You Can Live to Eat?”

  1. October 14, 2006 at 2:26 pm

    I totally agree with you. If you’re gonna consume calories you might as well make them worth it.

  2. October 14, 2006 at 4:51 pm

    Ah, someone who loves to enjoy food as much as I do. So naturally I tend to agree with you. lol.

  3. October 14, 2006 at 5:24 pm

    🙂 But I believe people who enjoy food are often healthier than people who don’t.

  4. October 14, 2006 at 11:54 pm

    I’ll walk a mile for a Camel ‘er the good stuff. Seriously. I like to walk and walking to yummy munchies is a no brainer.

  5. October 15, 2006 at 12:13 am

    Oh you’re exactly the right kind of friend to have! All the true pleasures in life are worth the effort.

  6. 7 Novia
    October 15, 2006 at 5:54 pm

    I only eat 3 times per day and almost never eat snacks in between, so when it comes to my time to eat, do not argue with me. I want the real good and tasty one, no matter what!! And pleaseee no junk food..

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