A Review By Me…

  • Is short. It’s a conscious choice, because I’m not looking to write long, AAR-style reviews. Takes too much time for me to write and takes too long for other people to read. I hit the highlights, and that’s it. I think that most people will end up skimming reviews anyway, so why not cut the crap?
  • Is not nitpicky. If you wanted me to, I could rip every single book I’ve read to shreds. It’s not hard. In-depth enough analysis will make you realise that every single book you’ve read has flaws. Except that it ruins my reading experience, and I’ve a feeling that if I do that, it means that you’re less likely to buy the book. I might think that you shouldn’t buy the book, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t because you’re not me.
  • Happens if people are talking about it, if I loved it, if I hated it, if it was free, if I interviewed the author, I probably will. If your book was in the Readable but not Great category, I won’t review it. In fact, pray that I don’t review it because I review with the book next to me and I’ll start to nitpick and that’s why your grade dropped below C minus.
  • Doesn’t have spoilers. Except that your definition of spoilers and mine is probably different. I try to minimise it as much as possible, and if I’ve ever ruined a book for you, or if you’re the author, I’m really sorry. I try to post spoilers in comments because I can’t figure out how to white them out.
  • Isn’t too mean, I don’t think. If you’re Roxanne St. Claire, you probably think different because of this review.
  • Isn’t an attack on you if I hated the book. I don’t hate Roxanne St. Claire despite the horror of Kill Me Twice. See above. I simply won’t ever read another book by her.
  • Is mostly impartial. If I had to write a good review of what I considered was a bad book, it’d be a very very short review indeed. Not that most of my reviews are very long. In fact, if the book’s good, it’s probably short too because I don’t have much to nitpick.
  • If my issue with the book was voice, I mention it. I’m terribly nitpicky when it comes to voice. I don’t read Kelley Armstrong, I no longer read Nora Roberts, and some authors I read the first page and quit for this reason. It’s not their fault that their voices don’t ‘click’ for me.
  • Will include links to excerpts when I get my act together.
  • Almost always link to the author’s site/blog. I know I’ve forgotten a few times. Oops.

Now that’s done.

I’ve a few questions for you.

What do you think of the Amazon Associates program? I know what Doug thinks of it. Have you ever bought a book through it? Or through an Amazon link on a review?

Do you think I should keep to a strict format for every single review?

PS Reviews will come tomorrow and Thursday. I’ve posted enough today.


3 Responses to “A Review By Me…”

  1. October 10, 2006 at 4:03 pm

    In-depth enough analysis will make you realise that every single book you’ve read has flaws.

    So true. It was one of the main reasons I didn’t become an English major. All my English major friends deconstructed and analyzed texts so much that they couldn’t read for pleasure anymore. 5 years later, most of them still can’t read any fiction for pleasure, which is a sad thing for people who majored in English because they loved to read.

  2. October 10, 2006 at 4:21 pm

    Same thing here, Racy! Did you read Elizabeth Bear’s Every Book is Broken post on her Livejournal?

  3. October 10, 2006 at 11:51 pm

    You and Elizabeth Bear are right. It’s like when you look too close at a painting and all you see are the brushstrokes.

    I’m not sure what the Amazon Assoc. program is. The link to Doug didn’t work for me.

    As for what you do with book reviews, it’s your blog, Mai. You can do anything you want. I can’t see stickign with a strict formula — unless you want it. You’re the boss. You don’t have to be strict with yourself. The name of your blog is Miladyinsanity, not Miladymeekness. Go wild. 😈

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