When Good Things Happen To Bad Boys…

Lori Foster: Playing Doctor

I actually managed to finish this one despite swearing never to read another Foster book. Great set-up, even if I don’t really thinking Axel and Libby will live happily ever after–which isn’t a dealbreaker for me anyway.

Erin McCarthy: The Lady Of The Lake

This is my first McCarthy read.

I made it through despite it being a “I’m not pretty enough for you!” book.

The plot is actually very like a Susan Elizabeth Phillips book. I looked it up, and I’m pretty sure it’s Nobody’s Baby But Mine.

Girl is not very pretty. But Girl wants a baby. So what does Girl do? Girl sleeps with a famous and rich and handsome athlete. Girl tries to keep Athlete and Fetus/Baby apart, but does not succeed.

Sadly for McCarthy, I remember the SEP book to be much better than her novella.

HelenKay Dimon: Hardhats And Silk Stockings

Ah, the story I wanted to read.

Very hot set-up. I really like Whit.

Hardhats And Silk Stockings is a heroine’s story though. It is Hannah who grows as a character.

I do think that it reads as though HelenKay had to cut out details to retain the novella length. But I did finish it with a smile, so it’s certainly worth a read.

No, I don’t think this anthology is worth buying just for HelenKay’s novella, especially not at trade paperback price. It is worth spending the time to read it, but not the money.

FYI, this is a signed copy from HelenKay, and her interview should be up tomorrow.


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