The Book Trailer

Anybody out there buy a book because of one? That’s what every body wants to know.
I know I’ve not. I’ve bumped it up the priority list, but not bought a book just because of a trailer. But I’m an oddity: I am not a visual person at all. Don’t do movies or TV.

Except that from the comments and blogs I’ve seen, the answer is no. People don’t buy books because of book trailers.

I’m an auditory person, which leads to the next issue:

I don’t like trailers with narrators/voiceovers. I don’t usually ‘connect’ the voice. It doesn’t click for me. Come to that, I don’t do audiobooks either.

Take Lynn Viehl‘s Darkyn site. I like the look of the trailer. But the narrator turned me off. Maybe it’s because I’ve already read the book. Maybe if I didn’t already have an impression of Lynn’s writing voice, I’d not have that issue.

So far, I’m only talking about Flash movies.

I’ve not even gotten to the ones like Circle of Seven Productions do. I don’t even bother to watch these. I prefer to form a vague image of the characters from reading the book.

I think what’s important in a book trailer isn’t getting across the book’s plot. I think getting across the feel and themes of the book is or should be the point of a book trailer.

That’s just my opinion and your mileage may vary.


1 Response to “The Book Trailer”

  1. July 30, 2006 at 5:50 am

    Not all COS trailers are acted out, though, those are the most popular with the public and there are stats about book sales going up when they’re used. But, I certainly understand how someone might now want to have a face put to a character for them.
    But, many of the COS videos do not have actors. They get across the “feel” of a book or theme.
    We have some really fun ones, too. Cheryl Holt’s Too Wicked to Wed is about a pirate and the video was really unbeat and fun. Plus it got over 10,000 views in three days and the pre-sales are great.
    Book videos are an evolution made available through growing technology. Some will like it, some will not, but if they encourage people to consider reading a form of entertainment just as significant as the latest summer blockbuster, then they’re worth giving them a try.
    You can see some of the non-actor ones (and some with actors) at-
    As far as narration, I have to agree that although we do use narration, those aren’t my favorite. I like the ones with text much better.

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