7 Questions with Kate Douglas

1. On a scale of one to ten, rank your current level of insanity–where ten is belongs-in-lunatic-asylum insane–and tell us why.

Probably a twelve or higher…life is nuts right now. We’re living in two houses–half the week in one, half in the other, which we’re remodeling by ourselves. The houses are over an hour apart, which requires a long drive twice a week, loading and unloading the car, cleaning out the refrigerator, watering the yards (over half an acre in each one) and way too much laundry! I also babysit our two grandkids one day a week, do a website for a young man with a serious brain injury (www.rossdillon.com) that I update almost nightly, handle my own websites, and write. I’ve got a book due Aug. 1 and a novella due Sep.1, and two more books and two more novellas due during the course of the year. The men in white coats are my friends…you know, the guys with the “Hug me” coats?

2. The Chanku. Oh my, the Chanku. Are the stories in Wolf Tales the same as they were when they were published by Changeling Press?

The first book is identical…Chanku Rising in the Sexy Beast anthology is twice as long as the original Wolf Tales 5–Chanku and leads in to the next book in the series, Wolf Tales II, which is due for release in July.

3. Can you tell us about how you were contracted by Kensington Aphrodisia?

I sent Wolf Tales (the first books in the Changeling Press series, to my agent when she asked if I had any sexy stories. She sent them to editor Audrey LaFehr at Kensington after hearing of a new erotica series. Audrey loved the stories and snapped them up, but I heard about it through my agent. I didn’t talk to Audrey until weeks after the deal was set.

4. I know you’ve written some ‘traditional’ (ie one hero and one heroine, no other sex partners) romances, but is there any pressure to write those? At the expense of the Chanku, for instance?

Absolutely not, unless you count my mother! (She doesn’t read my erotica) The market is wild for the menage stories right now–stories with multiple sex partners, but stories that still have a strong romance. I really believe you can write a good romance with more than one partner and I find that the dynamics of those stories make them a lot of fun to write.

5. Do you think knowing that you have your happy ending with your husband is part of why you write romance? Or that it helps you believe that you can write a romance that feels real? And they do, by the way!

I am a true romantic and I’ve never denied it. I met my husband 34 years ago when I was working in a store and he came in as a customer. After he left (and after we’d flirted outrageously with each other) I told my coworker I was going to marry him. Since I was currently going through a divorce at the age of 21 she thought I was nuts! Six months later, one week after my divorce was final, Doug and I were married and, to use an old cliche, he still takes my breath away. It’s very easy for me to write about attraction and love (or lust?) at first sight because I’ve been there, done that! I feel very lucky to be living with a man I would still pick out of a crowd as the one I want. So yes, to answer your question, real life makes it easy to write a convincing story because I truly believe in love at first sight, and a love powerful enough to get through anything. Plus, I REALLY beleive in the happily ever after!

6. Was it a conscious decision to write about polyamorous relationships when you started the Chanku?

LOL! Nothing about the Chanku was conscious! The series began as a freebie story about an anonymous sexual encounter between two people. The first story never described the man. When Margaret Riley of Changeling Press asked for something totally off the wall to help launch her new publishing company, I offered my story “with improvements.” I didn’t realize Stefan was a shapeshifter until I was half way through the revisions, nor did I realize he was bisexual. Eventually, I realized that all my Chanku were not merely “bisexual,” they just needed sex, no matter what gender their partner! Every one of those stories in Wolf Tales evolved from the character and was not plotted before hand. I still write them by sitting down with my character and asking them what their story will be.

7. Will you be writing any more sci-fi romances like the StarQuest series any time soon?

I hope so! I would love to write more of the StarQuest series because I really liked the characters. I’m also thinking of a paranormal series set in Hawaii and based on the gods and goddesses of the islands, but not sure when I’ll have the time to do them. I’ve got six more Wolf Tales to write–have the first six done which will come out between now and March 2007, then six more after that. I’m currently working on Wolf Tales IV.

Thanks for your time, Kate!

Kate’s website is here and she’s also a Red Hot Romance blogger. Her latest release is Wolf Tales II from Kensington Aphrodisia and should be available at a bookstore near you.


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