7 Questions with Michelle Rowen

1. On a scale of one to ten, rank your current level of insanity–where ten is belongs-in-lunatic-asylum insane–and tell us why.

Right now I’m hovering at a 6.5. I’m prone to bouts of insanity, as anyone who reads my blog can vouch for. I take things way too seriously and let reviews and the “doubt weasels” eat away at me more than I should. Back in January when my first book came out, I’d say I was a 28 on the insane scale. But in a weird way I think it helps. If I was completely self-confident and non-crazy, that wouldn’t be any fun, would it? WOULD IT???? :::drools on straightjacket:::

2. First vampires, next angels, what’s up next?

Something completely different from what everybody else is doing: VAMPIRES. Oh, wait. Everybody’s doing vampires, aren’t they? Well, so am I. Again. More vampires. All vampires, all the time. Until I get sick of them which may well happen any day now. I also have an idea for a book about ghosts, and I’m playing with the idea of a werewolf novel. My urban fantasy proposal that’s with my editor right now is all about demons and psychics. I’m also a big fan of witches and warlocks, and would love to do something like that. But an anti-Charmed witch story. I couldn’t stand that damn show.

3. Any advice for people who plan to attempt NaNoWriMo this year? Beyond keeping chocolate and caffeine handy?

Nanowrimo is so much fun. But completely crazy. It has to be experienced. I’d say the best way to get through Nano is to keep a positive attitude. And not to take it too seriously. The first time I did Nano I just wrote whatever came to mind…a dumb little story that will probably never see the light of day. I had a blast. I felt so accomplished. It turned out to be the first piece of book-length fiction I’d actually finished. It gave me the confidence to actually do it for real. The second time, I took it too seriously. I wanted to have something I could use at the end of it. I finished successfully again, but was stressed out. And what I had written? Blew serious chunks. I used it (it’s actually the VERY bare bones first draft of ANGEL WITH ATTITUDE) but it had to be completely and totally rewritten. Also, no one should even attempt to diet during Nano. Unless you’re a complete masochist. Chocolate and Doritos are essential to Nano success.

4. As a muchly privileged one who has read AwA, I want to know: will we ever get to get a real look at Hell?

Come for a tour of my day job! No, I jest. Really. :::blinks::: If you’re talking about the fictional Hell from my novel, I’m not so sure. Humans can’t go there if they ever want to come back. I have no plans of doing a sequel to AwA, however, I do have another idea for an angel/demon book set in the same “universe”. I think Hell would look and feel a lot like the line up where you get your driver’s license renewed. Only with fire and brimstone.

5. What’s your opinion of e-books? Do you read them (save the trees!)? I, for one, am quite happy about the advent of PDF ARCs.

I like the idea of ebooks. I had planned to start buying ebooks instead of traditionally printed novels because my bookcase(s) and TBR pile(s) were getting out of control. Since reading on screen makes my eyes go buggy after a while, I invested in a ebook reader which I quite like (the eBookwise 1150). I have a few ebooks (I like romantica – ie: Ellora’s Cave — and it’s most readily available in ebook format) waiting to be read. But I have to admit that I’m addicted to bookstores. To going in, and browsing, looking at covers, and picking out a book to hold in my hand. It’s a texture thing. While ebooks certainly have quality writing comparative to anything being published traditionally these days, for now I am afraid I am more likely to buy and read a printed book.

6. You work as a graphic designer, and you write. Do you have any other creative outlets?

I used to do a little illustration. I did celebrity portraits in my spare time (for my own amusement). I also know how to knit and can pick a tune out on a piano when the mood strikes me.

7. Bookmarks: Love ’em, have no use for them or they are a waste of resources?

They might be a waste, but I love them. Since I’m a graphic designer, I do FABULOUS bookmarks, if I do say so myself. And I have a friend who works for a printing house so I get full color, glossy printing for cheap. Saying that, whenever I get bookmarks from a conference, I usually just throw them away. But people aren’t doing that with mine, are they? 😉

Michelle Rowen’s site is here, and she blogs at The Midnight Hour. Angel With Attitude should be in a bookstore near you.


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