Terrible Tuesday: A Knife Got Me

Dear People Up There,

I’m sorry for whatever it was I did to offend you.

But haven’t I been good?

When Jordan had a day like mine recently, I went over to give her a hug. I didn’t laugh at her or even think to myself, “I’m glad it wasn’t me.”

I know I was greedy. I baked 3 kinds of cake because I like cake, and lots of it. But I’m willing to share!

My brothers have already had a cupcake each–and I told them to come and get them. The chocolate cake is for my dad–and me, I’m a girl, I can’t help it if I love chocolate. The Swiss Roll because the littlest brother likes kaya rolls, but the ones out there aren’t great–mostly because the filling they use aren’t as great as my mom’s.

Okay, so I had the last two slices of chocolate cake that wouldn’t fit into the cake box, two slices of the Swiss Roll and one of the cupcakes. But I had to quality check and I was hungry. Baking is hungry work, you know!

And after my foot bled all over the place, I needed some comfort. So I had the chocolate cake. That’s all.

I’m sorry. I really am.

Forgive me?

Huggles, Milady


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