Deidre Knight: Parallel Attraction

I don't typically like time machine books (you'll understand when you read it) because there's always the feeling, "if anything goes wrong, you can just try again."

But writing was good enough to distract me from that for the most part. Deidre has studied her craft, and it shows.

And Deidre has a really nifty trick: She describes Kelsey in Jared's POV, which means that she can describe Kelsey as totally gorgeous, without going either "I know I'm gorgeous" or "I know I'm not gorgeous but I actually am" route. Also, this is the second romance in a row when I was more interested in the bad guy than I was in the hero. Luckily, he's the star of the next book.

Which I'm getting, by the way. So if you're a para fan, you probably should get this book. Might not be a keeper, but it's definitely a lot better than some of the paras out there.

PS She is the Knight of The Knight Agency.  


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