Cheyenne McCray: Forbidden Magic

I only have a wee problem with this book.

The heroine was TSTL, and the hero didn't stop her. He told her there was something specific that she needed to do, but she doesn't do it and instead goes haring off after the bad guys. 

On top of that, the hero, whose name I'd have to check the book to remember, is bland. So's the heroine, who has the silly name of Silver.

If I pick up the next book, it'll be to read about the evil villains Junga and Darkwolf. This is a romance. I should be wanting to know more about Silver and hero. Not the villains! However, Cheyenne is a good enough writer that if she clicks with you, you'll be able to ignore all the above. Plus the Junga sex scenes are pretty darn good.

Now, people, convince me to get the next book! I really just want to read about Darkwolf and Junga though.

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