Stuart MacBride: Cold Granite

Lots of people die in this book. Lots and lots and lots. Okay, I'm exaggerating.

It's a fast-paced read, but not for the faint-of-heart. Really. If you like your happy ever afters, this probably isn't the book for you.

This is a very driven, very focused book–oddly enough, I'd liken his writing to my Idol's, which was how I heard about him and his hilarious blog. Despite its length, which I thought would make it kinda draggy.

I like Logan. He's got Issues, just like the rest of us. And it doesn't look like he's going to pull a James Bond/John Rain/Reacher on us–as in, he's not going to love and dump a different girl in every book. 

I'm definitely getting the next book, Dying Light.  


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