Bloggers Blogging ’bout Blogging: Reviewing other Bloggers

JM Carr has an interesting post here. She says she doesn’t usually read author blogs because she’s thinks it might influence her opinion of a book.

Eip, on the other hand, commented on a previous Blogging ’bout Blogging entry, saying that the great thing is that it makes the writer a Person.
Stephanie Rowe talks about a review in which the author’s personal life is mentioned. This is interesting, because the reviewer probably read about Laurell K. Hamilton‘s personal life in her blog. I won’t link to the reviewer, or even name her, simply because I think she went too far.

I review books here. I review lots of books by bloggers–in fact, if I read their blog, I try to review them here. I try to link back to them, even when I don’t like their books.

I like to think I’m honest. I like to think that the fact that I read their blogs doesn’t make me tone down their reviews if it’s bad.

And I like to think that my personal opinion of the blogger doesn’t affect what I write about the book.

I know I haven’t mentioned their personal life in my reviews. But I do wonder whether it has colored them.

Take Stuart Macbride, for instance. His blog is funny. But he doesn’t write funny books. In fact, my as yet unposted review starts with “Lots of people die in this book. Lots and lots and lots.” (will post it later or tomorrow)

If I didn’t know that they were the same person, I’d have been surprised.

And yes, I know book writing and blog writing is different. My blog hardly sounds like Vanessa Jane–though it’s rather closer to the Dalan story’s voice.

But it does make me wonder.

After all, I was reading Michelle Rowen’s blog before I read Bitten & Smitten, Marjorie M. Liu’s blog before I read either of her books, and I think as time goes on, this will become more common, for all us.

Makes me consider being nicer, but where’s the fun in that?

And remember, my fellow bloggers, it’s supposed to be fun. 😉

PS I know today’s entry is late, and tomorrow’s might be too, especially if I decide I want to sleep in.

PPS Wish me luck for exams.


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