Bloggers Blogging ‘Bout Blogging: unPubbed Promo?

I linked to this comment yesterday, I think. 

Tiana asks about unpubbed bloggers who use their blogs for promo. 

Jaynie R is definitely one. And oh hell. She's not on my bloglinks! Eeek! Will be dealt with ASAP–if you see this, LOL. 

Demented Michelle is another–this lucky chick is in France!! Jealous!  

Um, I'm not saying their blogs are exclusively for promo here. I'm just saying that it's there, okay? Given that they do run pretty frequent contests and stuff. *yanks foot out of mouth and hides* It never occurred to me that I, as an unpubbed, might eventually be able to leverage my audience into people buying my books. Until I saw Tiana's question, that is. 

T&T, throughout its many incarnations, was about me Writing something every day. Not that I do that still, given that I tend to write ahead.

Then it slowly evolved into a challenge. How many people will come by each day? Yes, I'm very competitive. Okay, not very, but enough.  

So it's definitely food for thought, my comrade Writers in (Promo) Arms!
PS I think I can keep riffing on this for the next few days.  

1 Response to “Bloggers Blogging ‘Bout Blogging: unPubbed Promo?”

  1. 1 Eip
    May 20, 2006 at 7:23 pm

    a blog is a great way to promote a writer. It gives the chance to make a writer a person, and also give a way to comunate with them selves.

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