Bloggers Blogging ’bout Blogging


Yes, the oddest things make me happy. Though I guess if an editor read this they'll know NOT to let me title my own books. LOL.

Okay, to the topic at hand.

PBW guestblogged on RTB about blogging today.

Like I commented over there, I do quite a few of them. Quite a few I picked up from PBW. 

Today being a Friday (at least in other parts of the world), people are asking her questions, and Tiana asked about blogs by unpubbed writers.

There are many of us. Too many to list, though the On The Make section of my links are for unpubbed writers. 

Whether this will translate to sales is still up in the air, though perhaps Diana, Scott Lynch and Kelly Parra, amongst others may find out. 

HelenKay Dimon may already have an idea. I think she was the first blogger I read who sold after I had already begun reading her blog. 

Of course, we aren't the only bloggers with sales. Clotilde Dusoulier of Chocolate & Zucchini and Adam Roberts of Amateur Gourmet have also gotten book deals–I don't read political blogs and so I don't know of any, at least of the top of my head. I believe Heidi of 101 Cookbooks is already published–not sure whether it predates her blog or did promo for her book precipitate it. 

I think non-fiction bloggers may be able to make better use of their audiences. Fiction is more different from blogging than non-fiction, in my view. Especially with respect to food bloggers (whom I'm still unsuccessfully trying to join), whom readers know can produce good recipes. 

This is all conjecture. I'm hardly an expert after all.  

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