Christine Fletcher: Tallulah Falls

Most books, I read and enjoy the story. That's it. I don't get themes, and I'll go 'huh' if ask me about them.

Not this book.

It's about a girl named Tallulah, and her quest to help a friend. A friend with 'issues'.

And it speaks to me in a way most books don't. Maybe because I've been on both sides of the fence.

Tallulah is a rather confused 17 year old. She wants to help her friend, but there are other strings tugging at her. A new love, responsibility, a family back home.

Not everybody will think it's the right ending. It's not the perky, life is now perfect, happy ever after most people expect.

I think it is pitch perfect. Tallulah comes of the little detour better for it, because she sees herself clearer than she ever had before.

This book is a T&T Must Read.

Disclaimer: I won this book from Christine

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