Lilith Saintcrow: Fire Watcher

Disclaimer: This is a reviewer copy from Lilith herself.

What an action-packed romance!

It’s the kind of book you absolutely have to read in one sitting. At least, that’s what you’ll want to do. I did. Both Elena and Remy are your classic tortured heroine and hero. One has a temper problem and the other seeks redemption.

Elena does start off sounding like a spoilt brat. But guess what? It rings true. Goodness knows I’d have been the same in her position. Nobody likes to feel abandoned. She gets out of it pretty soon though.

Remy is rather adorable. He’s such a guy, he needs to be told dozens of times before he accepts it–read to find out what it is. Truly, it’s the little things that make a book.

Where I think the book fails is that it doesn’t standalone all that well. Yes, I know it’s the third book in a series, but there are too many things left for the reader to assume.

I probably won’t be getting the first 2 books in the series–I’m eyeing The Society and Serafim though, they are more suited to my taste these days. Fire Watcher is a great paranormal romance, it's just not very Me these days.

I strongly suggest getting Working For The Devil though. Can’t recommend it enough.


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