Alesia Holliday: Blondes Have More Felons

Full Disclosure: I won this from Alesia. 🙂

Alesia is a Literary Chick (they have the coolest guest bloggers and great contests every month) and a Mystery Chick, which tells you what her new series is about rather well. And it comes through on both points.
First of all, I liked this book. It’s not my usual kind of book (Berkley Prime Crime isn’t an imprint that I pick up), but it is certainly good enough to consider getting the next book in the series.

December is a bit too emotional for my regular reading, but I liked her. She did what she had to do to get what she wants in her new life, such as time to do pro bono work etc. I’m terribly curious about one specific thing: Why was she named December?
Plot-wise, it all came together. I do think that the one about December’s furniture getting lost was over-the-top, and frankly, pointless, but it didn’t really detract from my enjoyment of the book. Just left me scratching my head.

I’m going to assume that we will learn more about Max and Mr. Ellison and Aunt Celia and Uncle Nathan in future books. I am especially curious about Max–December’s office manager–and that little subplot that has to do with her and a guy named Wrench. 😉

Oh and Jake Brody? *drool* Alesia, I want to see more of him!


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