MJ Rose: The Halo Effect

This is the first book in the Dr. Morgan Snow series.

I liked this book, which centers around Morgan, a serial killer targeting prostitutes and a patient of hers who is a prostitute.

Morgan is a sex therapist, and Rose (who is the blogger who does the excellent Buzz, Balls and Hype as well as Backstory) has clearly done her research. 

Then there's her writing. Rose is a writer at heart, but without that love of words that makes certain writers prose on, and on, and on. She has a lovely voice, with darkly sensual tones that many writers would like to have but don't.

She's not a writer who grabs you by a throat. She's a writer whose style draws you in, then her vision will wash over you, and you'll be a fan of hers.  

The Halo Effect isn't a Must-Read for me, but it might be for you. Something was missing for me, though I hope to find it in her other books. 

I certainly plan to get her other books, including the next Morgan Snow book, The Delilah Complex which will be out later this year, as well as her Spice (Harlequin's erotica imprint to be launched next month) novel.


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