Allison Brennan: The Prey, The Hunt, The Kill

My copy of The Hunt is signed by Allison,  a prize I won on yet another Writeminded contest.

The Prey

This was my favorite.

It probably helped that as a writer too, I connected with Rowan better, and then there’s the fact I like heroes like John (read the book to find out!).

I felt that the characterization was strongest, and the impact of Allison’s writing came through most clearly in this book. But it might have been because I read this one first, even if I interspersed books by other writers whilst I read this trilogy.

Not to give spoilers here, but I like knowing that Allison is willing to take chances, and write the hard things too.

The Hunt

This book has really great pacing. Yes, I think The Prey was better, but The Hunt was a real pageturner.

Allison managed to write Miranda in such a way that the turnaround in her attitude to Quinn wasn’t forced or fake. Not many writers can achieve this.

The Kill

Maybe I was getting bored, given that this was the third Allison book I read in less than a week, but I felt this book was a bit flat, compared to the other two.

Olivia, who wasn’t supposed to any good at lying, managed to lie her way to what she wanted. I suppose desperation could give somebody that *extra* something, but still…

It wasn’t bad, don’t get me wrong, but it’s not going to go on my keeper shelf.

In other words, I’d definitely get The Prey, which is a keeper for me, and maybe The Hunt too… But I’m iffy on The Kill.


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